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PPC Strategy: Your Guide to PPC That Actually Converts

In 2018, experts predicted that digital ad spend would reach 552 billion dollars! This year it shows no signs of slowing down.

Are you ready to start a successful PPC campaign and join the digital ad spend revolution?

If your answer is yes, then you undoubtedly have a few burning questions. You want a good return on your investment and the only way to achieve this is to have a good PPC strategy.

The bottom line is that you need to find out what works and then use it repeatedly to drive traffic and sales. Take a look at these tips for maximizing your conversions.

1. Negative Keywords

It’s a fact that not everyone will want the products or services that you offer. You don’t want to waste your advertising budget targeting them. The best way to avoid irrelevant traffic is to use negative keywords.

Here’s how it works, suppose you had a business selling expensive designer shoes. The last thing you want is to show up on a search made by someone who is looking for “cheap” or “discounted” designer shoes.

You can avoid these searchers by excluding keywords with the words “cheap” or “discounted”. 

2. Get Personal

If you want to grab people’s attention you must make them feel as if you are talking to them. Do not make your ad too generic or you will alienate people.

For example, don’t say, “We can get rid of insects in any home fast.” Instead, make it more personal. Say instead, “Are insects taking over your home?” “Your problems will be solved quickly when you call us.”

The second example uses the words “you” and “your,” making the ad feel more personal as if the company is talking to the reader.

3. Try Location Bid Adjustments

If you are running a small local business then Google Ads allows you to do location bid adjustments. When you use this bidding strategy your visibility to searchers in your area will increase dramatically.

It works by allowing you the option of increasing your bids for people in and around the location where you run your business. You can increase or decrease your bids by a specific percentage for each targeted area.

4. Call Extensions Is a Must Have PPC Strategy

If your business takes calls then you need to use the Call Extensions feature that Google offers. It allows you to add a simple “click to call” button on your mobile ads and a phone number to your desktop ads. This is one of the most effective tools for growing your business.

This is invaluable because often when people see something that interests them they immediately want to make an inquiry about it. When a phone number is present, interested persons are likely to call immediately and this will drive sales to your products or services.

Final Thoughts

PPC Ads work. However, to reap the benefits, you must employ an effective PPC strategy. Once you decide which strategies will speak to your target audience, you will be well on your way to starting a successful campaign.

Remember to test what works and what doesn’t. Try one or more of the strategies presented here and look at how it converts. If you try a strategy that works, you can rinse and repeat.

If something is not working, try a different combination because when it comes to PPC ads there is always an effective strategy for every business.

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