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Putting on Airs: 5 Tips for Starting an HVAC Business

Are you thinking about starting an HVAC business?

You don’t need to be a business school graduate to do it successfully. Instead, you just need to plan it the right way.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to do that.

Read on to find out how to get your business started in 5 easy steps. 

1. Get Qualified

The first thing you’ll need to do is get qualified as an HVAC technician. This way, you’ll have all the skills you need to repair, replace and maintain HVAC systems, as well as the credibility to run your own business. 

You can achieve your license by joining an apprenticeship program, in which you’ll do on-the-job training and take exams as you go. If you want to take a more academic route, you can attend a technical school or community college.

These programs usually take around two years to complete. However, this program will teach you everything you need to know in nine months. 

2. Write a Business Plan

You’ll need to draft a business plan before you get the ball rolling. 

This should include your company mission, an analysis of the existing market, start-up expenses, plans for funding and finances, product and service descriptions, an overview of your target customer, and a marketing plan.

3. Hire Your Staff

Unless you’re planning to go it completely alone, you’ll have to hire some staff to help run your business. 

Whether you’re looking for a receptionist to handle all of your administration or a technician to lighten your workload, it’s important that you recruit the right person. 

Choose employees who not only have the skills to fit the role, but the personality and mindset to match your company values. 

4. Build Your Online Presence

These days, 85% of customers use the internet to find local businesses. 

Build a company website, as well as some social media pages. Make sure your business is on Google Maps, too. When you’re starting out, ask all your customers to provide online reviews, too. 

If you want to broaden your reach online, you can also use pay-per-click advertising or affiliate marketing. 

5. Do Some Networking

In business, who you know is sometimes more important than what you know.

Get in touch with some local building contractors and see if you can partner with them. When they’re working on commercial and residential projects, they can then reach out to you for HVAC services. They can recommend you to their clients, too. 

Strike up a deal that’s a win-win situation for both of you. You can use our independent contractor agreement form as a template. 

Ask the Experts About Starting an HVAC Business

One of the most important parts of starting an HVAC business is choosing an accountant.

If you don’t file your taxes correctly, you could end up facing devastating penalties. Likewise, if you don’t know how to plan your finances, your business could end up going under before you even get off the ground.

That’s why you need a professional to handle your finances for you.

Read our post on how to find an accountant for your business