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Should I Move? 8 Surefire Signs It’s Time to Relocate

Approximately 40 million Americans move home every year.

That’s around 14% of the population, annually upping shop and transporting their lives from one place to another. That’s a lot of people!

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was an easy call. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth for some of us. The decision to move often takes serious consideration.

After all, it’s a step into the unknown. It requires significant amounts of time, money, and effort to do. You leave fond memories and friends behind and step into a brand new neighborhood to start afresh. It can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure. You ask yourself, ‘should I move?’ And find it hard to know the answer.

How do you know when it’s the right time to relocate? We wanted to help.

Keep reading to discover 8 sure-fire signs you should move home.

Should I Move? 8 Signs Relocation Is the Right Option

It’s rarely easy to make the call to relocate. After all, there’s . Here are 8 signs it might be the right decision.

1. Money’s an Issue

Unfortunately, rises in the cost of living can drive people out of their home.

Unfair as it seems, being unable to afford the current setup means it might be time to move on. Try not to see it as a negative though. There’s always opportunity in a change of situation. Things sometimes happen for a reason. You never know what lies around the corner!

Similarly, the price of your house might have skyrocketed. As a city or town becomes more popular, your property becomes prime real-estate. If you want to free up some cash, then selling up and moving on may be just the answer.

2. The Weather Sucks

The climate can play a large role in how you feel about a particular place.

It’s hard to live somewhere when the weather doesn’t match your tastes and hobbies. You might love the heat, and be stuck in the wind and rain. Conversely, you may prefer the cold and be caught up in 100-degree heat.

Likewise, some parts of the country are renowned for their extreme weather. You might be tired of the potential threat to your home and security.

If the weather ain’t right, then it might be time to move on.

3. Time to Move On

A house, neighborhood, or community can be full of great memories.

But it can also be full of bad ones. Ghosts from your past can lurk in the hallways in your house and the streets in your city. It’s difficult to move on emotionally when you’re constantly reminded of negative events.

A change of scenery may be exactly what’s required to move forward positively.  

4. Family Proximity

It’s never easy to be far away from loved ones.

Before, with your entire life ahead of you, being far away from family wasn’t a big deal. But as everyone gets older, especially your parents, you may feel the need to close the gap.

Moving house to be closer to your nearest and dearest is always a positive decision.

Conversely, you may despise your family and feel too close to them where you are now! Sometimes distance makes the heart from fonder. Relocating might put just enough distance between you to improve your relationships.

5. Family Is on the Cards

Let’s stay on the family theme for a moment.

Yours may be about to get bigger! If you and your partner are due to have children soon, then upsizing to a larger house or apartment may be required. Similarly, you might want a new neighborhood that’s more family friendly.

After all, as families grow, personal needs and requirements alter accordingly. The past allure of inner city restaurants and bars gets exchanged for the appeal of good schools and quiet open areas. Relocation may be required.

6. Lack of Opportunities

You have ambition.

But your current circumstances can’t meet them.

The town you’re in is too small. The marketplace is saturated. There’s no room for career progression. There may be no jobs full stop. You need something bigger, with more room for maneuver and the change to make something of yourself.

A lack of opportunities can make you feel stifled and restrained. Moving to a new place is the opposite. Everything is unknown. And the unknown is pregnant with possibility.

7. Changed Priorities

People change over time.

The house and neighborhood you moved to a decade ago may have been perfect for your younger self. But you’ve outgrown it as you’ve aged. The buzz and excitement you once felt is now old news. You yearn for something different.

Changing location is a sure-fire way to address altered priorities. You have the chance to stop and consider who you are these days. Think about what your needs and desires. Then look around for a place to match and sell your house fast.

8. You’re Stuck in a Rut

We all feel stuck every so often.

But sometimes that feeling can linger. There’s a sense of live-unlived. There’s more out there to see and do. And, somehow, there’s no way to access it in our current situation.

The longer we feel that way, the unhappier we become. Change is an antidote to this. A new house can create a sense of progress and purpose. Suddenly, there’s something to get your teeth stuck into. You get excited about the possibilities on offer and regain a sense of motivation with it.

Time to Get Moving

Should I move?

It’s a question we all ask ourselves at some point in life. For one reason or another, we start to wonder if the place we’ve been calling home is still fit for purpose. It’s never easy to make the final call though. After all, a lot goes into a house move.

Yet as we’ve seen, millions of people do it every year in the US. Hopefully, the signs we’ve highlighted here will help you decide if it’s the right time for you to do it too.

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