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Should You Buy a Motorcycle? The Pros and Cons

There are more than eight million people in the United States that own and operate a motorcycle. This number continues to rise each year, as the freedoms and excitements of owning a motorcycle get more and more popular. 

Of course, there are tons of pros of buying a motorcycle, but with that also comes some cons. If you’re considering buying a motorcycle, the best thing you can do is be well informed before making the big purchase.

Before you buy a motorcycle, read on for your guide on all the pros and cons, and you can be sure to make the best decision for you. 

Pros of Buying a Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle comes with a ton of advantages. They are cheaper to run than cars, as a typical bike uses half of the fuel that an automobile does. This is both good for your wallet and for the environment. 

Motorcycles also generally get better gas mileage than even the best hybrid cars, so you can keep cruising for much longer. 

They are incredibly easy to park, as they can fit just about anywhere. This is a massive advantage for anyone that lives in a big city or doesn’t have a driveway or garage, where the hassle of parking can make you crazy. 

Motorcycles are also the perfect vehicle to use while in traffic. They have the ability to weave around in and out of traffic lines, which means you can get to work in time and make the big meeting instead of being stuck for hours!

Perhaps the most significant benefit of motorcycles is that riding a motorcycle is a thrilling and freeing experience.

Driving your bike down a long, open road can make it all worth it at the end of the day, and it’s not something you can replicate by riding anything else. 

Cons of Buying a Motorcycle 

Unfortunately, exploring the pros and cons of owning a motorcycle means you also have to address the cons. 

The first con to explore is that learning to ride a motorcycle can be much more challenging than learning to operate a car. This is because you have to learn how to balance correctly, shift gears, and work the clutch. 

The skills involved can take more time, and you will have to get a separate license. Typically, a motorcycle’s front and rear brakes are controlled individually or separately, while a car’s brakes are controlled together.

This can take a good amount of time to master and is one of the most important parts of learning to operate a motorcycle. 

If you ever move, towing a motorcycle to bring with you can prove to be challenging. This may also have to be addressed if your motorcycle ever breaks down. 

Unlike a car, a motorcycle can’t simply be hooked and dragged long by your vehicle. Instead, you would have to find a trailer big enough to store your motorcycle, which can also take up space and cost more money.

Though motorcycles do get better gas mileage, they tend not to last as long as other cars. Generally, a decent car can go as far as 200,000 miles before needing a major engine rework. 

However, a motorcycle may only be able to last as long a 100,000 miles. There are also certain parts that may need more maintenance or replacements, such as valve adjustments, which may need done every 10,000 miles or so.

Motorcycle tires also wear out much faster than automobiles because they have to work so much harder and faster. 

They also have a lot less cargo space than automobiles, limiting how much you can carry or buy depending on where you are going. 

Along with this, motorcycles are not weather-friendly. You may have seen some motorcyclists riding through the rain or snow, but most people would prefer the shelter of a roof when such elements arise.

Not only is it unpleasant to ride through the rain, but it can also prove to be extremely dangerous. 

You are left up to deal with the elements, which means you could get caught somewhere in the rain or snow and not have a way to your destination. This can make you reliant on other people who own automobiles.

Because you are left vulnerable on a motorcycle, this also means you must defend yourself against bad drivers. Protective gear in the form of a motorcycle helmet and jacket should always be worn, but that may not be enough to protect you from drivers who do not share the road well with motorcyclists. 

If you ever find yourself in a position of having to deal with automobile negligence while riding your motorcycle, considering hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer

You have rights on the road too, and though you are more vulnerable, your safety is just as important as any other driver. 

Convinced It’s Time to Buy a Motorcycle? 

Do you think now is the time to buy a motorcycle? There are so many pros and cons to buying one. It’s essential to take time to make your decision so that you can weigh it all properly. 

Remember, you’ll be the one owning and riding the motorcycle. The pros of experiencing the thrill may just outweigh the cons! Just protect yourself and ride safely, and you could be a motorcycle owner in no time. 

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