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Startup Success: 8 Profitable Tech Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

What if the moment that changed your life also changed the world?

Startups often dream of developing the next big idea. And technological innovations let such companies leave the mark on the face of the planet.

Wondering what tech business idea could become the next big thing for you are your startup? Keep reading to discover our guide to 8 great tech business ideas!

1. Blogging Consultant

Many of the jobs on this list involve consultation in one form or another. The first profitable tech business is “blogging consultant.”

Everyone from fellow entrepreneurs to major companies are discovering (or rediscovering) the power of blogs. But the truth is that blogging effectively and building an online presence is more of an art than a science.

Such a consultant may wear many different hats. You may advise someone about internet design elements and overall content or even help them produce this content from the ground up.

Part of why we love this job is the freedom: you’ll be able to work with clients from around the world at the press of a button.

2. Social Media Consultant

The close cousin of “blogging consultant” is “social media consultant.” And such a role represents a major opportunity for someone who has a lot of social savvy.

Major companies love to advertise on social media because it helps promote word-of-mouth content. However, the blunt truth is that most of the workers these companies task with social media don’t know how to engage with their specific demographic.

You can build a consulting firm that specializes in helping these businesses take their ideas to the next level online. And if you already love to use social media, this will be a lot like getting paid to take part in a favorite hobby.

3. Smartphone Repair

Believe it or not, smartphone repair is one of the best small business ideas. Why? Well, you can blame it on Apple.

The corporate giant practically invented selling customers a new version of their iPhone year after year. But in early 2019, the company revealed that sales and revenue were down, possibly because customers would rather hold on to their money by holding onto their old phone.

This is where you come in. If your startup can easily repair smartphones, you’ll be able to make a steady stream of easy profit. And the higher smartphone prices get, the more business you are likely to have!

4. Internet Research

When you were growing up, “knowledge is power” probably sounded like little more than fortune cookie advice. However, in the modern world, knowledge is more powerful (and profitable) than ever.

This is because of that other old cliche: “time is money,” especially to major companies. Every moment wasted on research represents time and money the company has lost.

You can start an internet research startup to provide fast expertise to companies who need help conducting their own primary and secondary research. This can be especially profitable because companies are likely to bring you back for frequent consultation.

5. Security Consultant

Are you in the market for a truly steady technology business idea? If so, it doesn’t get much steadier than “online security consultant.”

It seems like every week brings another story about major companies losing personal details about their customers to malicious hackers. Understandably, companies of various sizes are now very focused on providing the best security for their consumers.

To really maximize profit, consider offering multiple services. By offering everything from employee training to white hat hacking services, you can become the only name in the security consultant game of your area.

6. SEO Guru

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound? Of course. However, the sound is now meaningless.

Many web pages are the same way. They might be filled with awesome content and engaging design, but if no one ever finds the sites on Google, then it’s all pretty meaningless.

That means SEO is big business, and an SEO advising startup is one of the best small businesses to start.

As with security consultation, there are a variety of services you can offer interested consumers. This includes SEO auditing, SEO advising, SEO training, and more.

Once the number of site visitors increases, the success of your work will really speak for itself!

7. IT Support

What’s the best way for your startup to make money? Simple: by helping other businesses save money.

For example, many small businesses cannot afford to hire a full IT team. But these entrepreneurs understand that their business will suffer without the insight and support of a dedicated IT professional.

You can offer IT support services to a variety of different businesses. This means you get a steady stream of work and they get to hire someone on an “as needed” basis, saving them a ton of cash in the long run.

Given how often companies like to try to utilize new technology, an IT support startup should keep you in business a good, long time.

8. App Developer

No startup wants to flounder. The ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable profit.

One of the big keys to such profit is passive income. And one of the best ways to generate passive income is to become an app developer.

By creating an app or game that countless people love, you can keep the profit rolling in long after you stop working on it. And that gives you time to work on your next great idea.

If you ever get tired of it, you can always sell your business to another hungry entrepreneur. If you own a business, you’d be surprised how many people are looking to buy!

Tech Business Ideas: The Bottom Line

Now you know about some great tech business ideas. But do you know who can help take your business to another level?

We provide the tools and information to help any small business grow and prosper. To take your next step towards success, check out our advice for online business growth today!