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The 4 Types of Commercial Insurance Your Business Must Have

More than 627,000 small businesses open their doors each year. And every business owner wants to protect their company as thoroughly as possible.

This means finding the right types of commercial insurance to protect your operation.

If you’ve never shopped for business insurance or are just starting out, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll go over four types of insurance that every business owner needs in place before they open their doors.  

1. Liability Insurance

As a business owner, you’re responsible for everything that happens at your facility. If a customer gets injured or their car gets damaged in your parking lot, they may sue you for the damages.

Liability insurance helps cover any court costs and settlement fees if needed. It also helps cover the cost of medical treatments for people who get injured on your property.

Keep in mind, it only covers you up to the policy limit. If the costs are higher, you’ll have to pay the remainder out-of-pocket.

2. Property Insurance

Whether you own or rent your building, you’ll want to protect it with property insurance. This type of business insurance covers the physical structure and everything inside the building.

If anything gets damaged, your policy will help cover the repairs and replacements. But it doesn’t protect against every type of damage.

You’ll want to purchase additional insurance for business cell phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. These supplemental plans, like the ones sold by Consumer Priority Service, protect your devices from damage due to spills, drops, and other claims not covered by your warranty.  

3. Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Your employees are your greatest asset. If they’re injured during work, you’ll want to help speed their recovery and reduce financial strain while they’re unable to do their job.

That’s where workers’ compensation coverage comes in. This type of insurance helps cover the cost of medical treatments for work-related injuries. But it also gives your injured employees a portion of their income to cover living expenses until they can return to work.

This insurance is legally required and is one of your employees’ rights on the job. If you don’t have it, you could face costly fines.

4. Business Interruption Insurance

What would happen if you had to temporarily close the doors to your business? You’d lose lots of money and end up facing a whole new set of financial challenges.

Business interruption insurance is a supplemental policy that gives you income when your company closes for repairs. This means your employees will receive their wages, and your monthly bills get paid on time.

Keep in mind that business interruption insurance only covers the income lost while you’re closed. It won’t cover repairs or the cost of replacement items—that’s what your property insurance policy is there for.

Get the Right Types of Commercial Insurance

No matter what industry you work in, the right types of commercial insurance are essential for protecting your company. But you still need to have a fully functional operation in place if you want to be successful.

Get your company set up properly from the start. Once you have the right business infrastructure in place, you’ll be ready to grow the moment you open your doors.