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The Benefits of a Structured Cabling System to Your Business

In the data-hungry world we live in, having a fast and workable network is a must. Learn more about the benefits that a structured cabling system can afford your business, and why you should have one.

If your office network is causing you trouble, you might want to consider is something known as a structured cabling system.

Structured cabling can provide many benefits for a business that is having problems with networking and IT downtime. It makes it a lot easier to manage the network, and improves productivity.

If you’d like to know about about structured cabling keep reading and you’ll learn how this solution works and the benefits that are on offer.

Let’s begin!

What is Structured Cabling?

It’s very easy to become confused about structured cabling. Especially if you do not consider yourself to be a technical person.

In simple terms, structured cabling means that your IT cables are highly organized and easy to manage.

In the past, hardware within a network would likely be connected using a ‘point to point’ solution. Suppose you have two computers. If you wanted to network these two computers, you would connect a cable directly from one computer to the other.

Structured cabling, however, is different. With this approach, you have a ‘communication backbone’ that acts as a networking device.

Now you do not have computers connected directly to one another. Rather you will have a computer connected to this communication backbone. Then there will be another cable coming out of this networking hardware that connects to the other computer.

Keep in mind, that this is just one way in which structured cabling can be set up. There are many different approaches to structured cabling, but they tend to revolve around the same concept.

Improved Tidiness

One of the main benefits of structured cabling is that it is a lot tidier.

This means that it is easier to keep track of all of the individual cables and what they are connected to. This makes everything easier to manage. It also improves health and safety, because untidy cables can represent a trip hazard.

Easier to Manage the Network

Because the cables are tidy, you know what is connected to what.

Therefore, if something goes wrong in your network, it isn’t too hard to check if there is a problem with the cable connections. If there is something wrong with the cables, structured cabling makes it easy for you to quickly replace the cables that are causing an issue.

Structured cabling also makes use of unified colors. This means you have one specific color, for cables of a certain kind.

If there is a problem regarding your network, you will know which cables need to be investigated, thanks to the colored cables. It’s not too hard to buy colored cables. Companies that supply office it hardware will likely be able to help you with this request.

Less Downtime

As mentioned, because cables are better organized, it means that it is now easier to solve problems regarding your network. The result of this is reduced downtime, should you need to fix something that has gone wrong.

If you do not make use of structured cabling, you would likely have to spend a long time trying to identify the cables that are causing the problems.

Whilst you are working on troubleshooting the network, workers in the office might be unable to perform their tasks. This can amount to a lot of lost productivity, which can hurt the revenue of a business.

With structured cabling, problems associated with the network are solved a lot easier. This means that an office is less likely to experience significant amounts of downtime. And that means there won’t be so many issues regarding productivity, should there be issues with the IT side of the office.

Better Prepared for Expansion

If your business grows, you will likely need to install more IT hardware within your offices. For instance, you might need to add more printers.

A structured cabling solution makes it easy for you to do this. You already have an organized cabling structure in place. As a result, it isn’t too hard to make adjustments, without causing disruption to your existing networks.

The Importance of Hiring Networking Experts

While structured cabling can make your office network a lot simpler, it is not always easy to set up. Because of this, you should think about hiring a specialist company like CTC Technologies, to help you.

Before you hire a networking company, make sure you are aware of your needs. This means you need to think about what it is that you want networked. If you do not know much about networking computers, don’t worry as the networking company can help you decide which route is best.

If you are worried about paying too much, think about speaking to many different networking companies. If you can obtain a number of different quotes, you should be able to work out a price that seems reasonable.

If you find that there is one networking company with a really low price, you should be slightly cautious. You need to think about the reason they are able to charge so low.

You don’t want to end up with a company that is going to use poor quality cables when they’re networking your office. If you end up in such a situation, you might not be able to experience the full benefits of structured cabling.

Speaking to many different companies can also help you learn more about your needs. Again, if you see a company that is trying to sell you more than the other companies, consider why this is the case. They might be trying to take advantage of the fact you do not know much about networking.

Time to Invest in a Structured Cabling System?

A structured cabling system can provide you with a number of business benefits. Perhaps the most important benefit is reduced downtime.

If you do not know much about IT, you will need the help of a specialist company to implement structured cabling within your office. Remember to practice caution when hiring such a company.

You do not want to overspend. You also don’t want to be in a position where you are investing in IT equipment that is not up to standard. As long as you shop around, you should be able to protect yourself from any negative scenarios.

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