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The Old Carrot Trick: 5 Fun Office Incentives to Help You Motivate Your Employees

A recent study found that incentives for employees can increase performance by 25-44%.

Work incentives also attract the top talent, motivate staff to think smarter and work more efficiently.

Read on for a list of five fun office gifts you can use to motivate your team.

1. Play with Puppies

Want to reward the team for how hard they’ve been working on a big project? What could be better than bringing in a few puppies for employees to play with?

Set them up with pee pads in a closed-door office and let employees pop in over an hour-long time slot.

There are puppy services you can find, or you may be able to find a local shelter that is willing to bring puppies to your office.

Not only will employees get to laugh and play with adorable puppies, but it’s a proven stress reliever. Improving mental health in your office is one of 10 things you can do to maintain healthy employees. And it’s worth the investment!

2. The Gift of Binge-Watching

When you are thinking about good gifts for employees, think inside the box, the TV box that is.

All your employees would be thrilled with a gift card so they can binge watch their favorite movies or TV shows.

Choose a MoviesCounter, iTunes, or Netflix gift card. They’ll love you for it. 

3. Dunk Tank Day

Give the gift of revenge. Rent a dunk tank on a summer day. 

Let your employees take turns trying to dunk their manager. Add some food and drinks and some music and you’re sure to have one of the best sales incentive ideas you could ever hope for.

4. Raffle Tickets

What’s almost as good as winning a prize? The anticipation of winning a prize.

Once a month, or whenever you decide, invest in a good-quality prize. The latest tech or gift certificates are always a popular choice.

Then give out raffle tickets to employees based on performance. At the end of the month, hold a draw and give out the prize.

It’s a surefire way to motivate staff and reward them for it. All you have to do is find a raffle ticket template online and you’re good to go. 

5. Food

Free food is a huge motivator. Whether you provide a pizza party after peak season or let a certain employee has lunch on you, food is a great way to reward your employees for their diligent work.

A catered breakfast brought into the office will make any Monday feel like a Friday. Or you can get delicious chocolate dipped fruits delivered to your office any time of day.

Final Thoughts on Fun Office Gifts

We hope this list of five fun office gifts has given you some ideas you can use in your workplace.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show recognition. But you should dedicate some of the budget towards employee appreciation.

It’s a new year, get a better budget. Check out these four methods of saving money for your small business.