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Thinking of a Panhandle Location? 9 Facts About Tallahassee Cost of Living and the Area

Tallahassee is a quintessential southern city that borders Georgia and houses some 191,000 people.

The city’s recent rapid growth comes as no surprise to business owners and regular citizens given Tallahassee cost of living, amenities, and culture.

In this article, we’re going to be sharing with you a variety of Tallahassee facts that relate to what you can expect to pay for things like housing, vacations, and more. We’ll also go over some pointers that are relevant to retailers and property investors in case your intention is to open up shop in this business-friendly Florida town!

1. College Students Drive Up Housing Costs

The housing in Tallahassee is relativity affordable if you know where to look. Still, given that the city hosts the legendary Florida State University, there are massive amounts of young people competing for living spaces.

That’s good news for property investors and bad news for citizens who are looking to score cheap accommodation.

Our recommendation if you’re looking to lock in a good lease is to shop towards the beginning of the summer. During this time, many students are moving out and landlords that are looking to avoid vacancies will give you an excellent deal that can substantially reduce your Tallahassee cost of living.

2. Businesses That Cater to Youth Can Do Exceptionally Well

Tallahassee is a college town. If you embrace that identity as a business owner, you can do very well.

Florida State boasts over 30,000 undergraduates and thousands more graduate and doctoral students. Per that fact, consider offering a product or service that adults 18 to 26 might enjoy.

If you do, you’ll ensure yourself a steady stream of income.

3. Vehicle Expenses are Low

One of the primary expenses that can wreak havoc on people’s overall cost of living is the amount of money they put into their vehicle.

Things like purchase price, gas, insurance, and maintenance can all cost thousands on an annual basis.

Fortunately, Tallahassee is a relatively compact town and things are easy to get to, even by foot. If you’re not one for walking, the public transit system is excellent given that most students in the area do not own vehicles.

That combination of walkability and public transit means that your car will receive less ware, will enjoy lower insurance rates, and you’ll save a boatload on gas.

4. Outstanding Vacations are Cheap

Another Tallahassee cost of living advantage that you’ll enjoy is the city’s proximity to world-class vacations. After all, cities like Orlando and Miami are just a skip away.

Given that reality, you’ll be able to enjoy Disney World and/or incredible beaches without needing to hop on a flight.

Disney World even offers special discounts to residents of Florida which can save you hundreds on a multi-day trip.

5. General Expenses Trend Below The Rest of Florida

Things like groceries, utilities, and other everyday expenses in Tallahassee trend below those seen in other Florida cities. Looking at Tallahassee’s cost of living index, it ranks average with the United States as a whole and 11 points below the state of Florida.

Bottom line… If you’re looking to enjoy Florida at below average prices, Tallahassee is a safe bet.

6. Government Jobs are Plentiful

People who enjoy the best Tallahassee cost of living rates are those with excellent benefits packages. There’s no better way to ensure that reality for yourself than by working in the public sector.

There are a number of public service jobs throughout the city, many of which work in conjunction with the state’s university.

Consider applying to one of them as positions are open year round.

7. Flying Out of Tallahassee is Expensive

Unfortunately, flying in and out of Tallahassee can represent a big hit to your overall cost of living expenses in the city. That’s because Tallahassee only has a small regional airport with non-competitive flight prices.

You’re better off arranging for transportation to a nearby major airport if you’re looking to enjoy inter-state or inter-country travel.

8. The City is in the Midst of a Developmental Boom

Tallahassee is growing on the back of the booming popularity of its university and the popularity of Florida as a whole. No matter which zip code you reside in (read more here about zip codes), you can expect to enjoy/lament on the shock waves of that growth.

Construction is plentiful meaning more services but also, more travel slowdowns. Housing is being built which means more options but only for those with the money to pay for newer units.

If you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of a growing community, Tallahassee is a good bet. If rapid change frustrates you, you’re better off looking at another Florida town.

9. Prices Go Up in the Fall

If you’re looking to make money in Tallahassee, there’s no better time to do it than in the fall. If you’re looking to save money in Tallahassee, there’s no worst time to try to score a deal than in the fall.

Fall means football and football season is the city’s biggest attraction.

You’d do well to keep that in mind and to plan your Tallahassee cost of living accordingly.

Wrapping Up Facts About Tallahassee Cost of Living and the Area

Tallahassee cost of living is one of the main draws to the area. Given the city’s growth though, cost of living is on the rise.

If you’re thinking about making Tallahassee your hometown, buy a home and/or establish your business location sooner than later. If you don’t, you may get priced out.

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