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This Is How to Cut Your Dog’s Hair Correctly

Omega-3s. Vitamin A. Zinc. Vitamin C. 

All of these elements — part of a dog’s well-balanced diet — keep your pet’s hair growing sleek and strong. 

And, as your pooch’s coat gets longer and longer, you’ve probably started to wonder how to cut your dog’s hair. 

It’s not an impossible task to helm yourself‚ either. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Cut Your Dog’s Hair

Before you start, you should consider your dog’s breed and look up photos of what their hair is supposed to look like. This step will help you decide the tools you need. For instance, you could use a sharp pair of scissors for a trim or the best dog clippers of 2020 to shave down your pup’s fur. 

Brush up on your general grooming knowledge, too. The ASPCA recommends you bathe your dog once every three months, at the very least. They may require more rinses if they spend a lot of time outside or have skin issues that need medicated shampoo. 

Once you have a plan for cutting your dog’s hair and know how to maintain their hygiene, it’s time to get started. 

Helm a Cut With Clippers

Perhaps you’ve opted for a doggie haircut with clippers. If so, your dog probably has short hair or needs an overhaul. You might simply feel more comfortable with clippers, too, and the snap-on heads help you cut hair evenly. 

After a bath and dry, here’s how to cut a dog’s hair using clippers: 

  • Cut with their natural hair pattern for a better finish. 
  • Start at the neck and move toward the back leg. Do this on one side, then switch to the other and repeat. 
  • If you move slowly, your dog is less likely to get scared and jump. Such a movement would mess up your grooming. 
  • Gently hold your dog as you clip their sensitive areas. 
  • Shower your pup in praise for good behavior. 
  • Don’t forget to give them a treat afterward, too. 

Even with clippers, you might need scissors to complete the job. For example, it’s easier to groom their paws and faces with scissors. 

Try It With Scissors Instead

Long-haired dogs might just need a minor cut — scissors can do that. Here’s how to trim a dog with scissors. 

  • Be sure you have the right kind of scissors. 
    • Straight shears work for essential grooming.
    • Curved scissors help round off the layers. 
    • Thinning shears slice through mats and thick hair.
    • Rounded-tip scissors safely trim sensitive areas. 
  • Cut your pup front to back. Leave delicate spots until the end.
  • Use your fingers as a measuring stick to help you maintain the same length throughout the cut. 
  • Don’t hold the scissors at too sharp of an angle — otherwise, the pointy ends of them will be too close to your dog’s skin.
  • You can use a comb as a safety barrier between scissors and skin.
  • Rely on thinning shears to break up areas that tend to get matted. 

A scissor-based cut may take slightly longer than a clipper shave. But it could be the better method for trimming your pup’s hair.

Cutting Dog Hair — It’s All Down to You 

Now you know how to cut your dog’s hair. It may not be the easiest dog-related responsibility you have, but it’s one you can certainly handle. So, try it out and see — you might just give your pooch the best haircut of their life.