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Top Tips on How to Get Your Mail Forwarded – Business & Personal

If you’re a buisness owner, there’s a good chance you may travel from time to time. If you still need to get your mail while on the road, read these tips on how to get your mail forwarded!

Owning a business can be very rewarding. You’re the boss, the one that the employees look up to.

However, being a business owner can also be stressful. Perhaps you have to travel for your job…a lot. This can have a big effect on your family and friends.

One thing that you have to worry about is making sure you’re getting your mail. As much as you don’t want to look at bills and junk mail, you still need it all just in case.

If you’re wondering how to get your mail forwarded, we’ve got tips on how to manage your mail on the road.

Earth Class Mail

This is the perfect online mail forwarding service. Earth Class Mail allows you to get an actual street address from wherever you are.

All the mail and packages are sent to the “address,” then forwarded to the company’s headquarters in New York. Next, they scan the outside of all your letters and packages.

You will receive an email update when physical mail arrives with the ability to view the scanned images from your online account.

From there, you can choose to do several things with the mail. You can either open and scan the contents to view online, forward it to another address, shred or recycle the junk mail, deposit physical checks into your bank account, and hold mail at the facility if necessary.

Earth Class Mail is a quick and painless process for any businessman on-the-go!

How to Get Your Mail Forwarded Overseas

Believe it or not, Earth Class Mail can do that too. After looking at the scanned images of what arrived at the New York warehouse, you can select what packages to ship overseas.

If you need to have packages forwarded to you overseas, HMHShip is a great option. There’s no monthly fees, no setup fees, and you don’t need to create an account!

All you have to do is “Quickship” and they handle the rest. They’ll coordinate with local and international partners to make sure your package is delivered.

Just keep in mind that international shipping can get expensive!

Mailboxes ETC

These are all over major cities and the cool part is, they’re a lot smaller than a major post office. All you have to do is find a location and call in advance to let them know you’re sending something that needs to be picked up.


Sounds fun, right? All you have to do is find someone living in your destination city who is part of CouchSurfing. These are people who don’t mind receiving and holding a package until you arrive in that particular town.

Of course, you’ll have to put a lot of trust in the person. Check out the reviews first to see all the success stories and decide from there.

Virtual Post Box

For the online business owner like bloggers and freelancers, this is the best option on how to get your mail forwarded. With a business mailing address, you won’t ever have to give out your physical home address.

You can rent a PO Box at the local post office or UPS Store, but, wouldn’t you rather save a trip to the mailbox? That’s what we thought.

With a virtual post box, you can receive mail while traveling anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Vacation Mail

So you’re not traveling for work, but for pleasure. How can you receive mail while traveling in an RV? People do it all the time!

If you plan on being at the campground for a long time, have it sent there!

Rent a local UPS box or have a professional mail forwarding service set up. If you’re traveling in Florida, there’s always MyRVmail.

For as little as $9 a month plus postage, RV owners can use a physical street address, request a scanned image of a letter, shred unwanted mail, and more.

It’s a great service for retired folks!

Benefits of Online Mail

You don’t want to keep putting your mail on hold when going out of town. There’s no one who is willing to pick up and review your mail. You really don’t want to keep bothering your neighbors, especially if you travel frequently.

Your home or apartment mailbox isn’t that secure. The last thing you need is the mail overflowing or something getting lost.

Getting an electronic copy of letters is easier to keep organized. You can save money dealing with the mail by doing everything from a smartphone.

Downsides of Online Mail

Unfortunately, nothing is free. You have to be open to paying a per-piece price to open and scan the mail. Just beware that these fees can add up quickly.

Depending on the address you choose, it can take a lot of time for each piece of mail to arrive at the processing facility and get scanned. If you must read your mail with a day or two of it arriving, a virtual box isn’t the best choice.

Forwarding mail internationally will cost you. Think about the cost of international shipping. Plus, it can take a long time to reach you wherever you are.

It’s hard to avoid junk mail. If you pay to have an important-looking letter opened and scanned, there’s the chance of it being junk. It’s a risk you’re willing to pay for.

Weigh Your Options

Now that you have an idea of all the ways to get your mail forwarded, it’s time to decide. Is it worth opening an Earth Class Mail account?

How much are you willing to spend for your mail? Depends on how long you’ll be gone.

If paying for your mail starts to become a burden, ask a family member if they could stay at your house while you’re gone.

Make friends with your neighbors and express your gratitude towards them for taking in your mail and watching over your home. Pay it forward!

We’ve got a ton of other helpful tips on our business blog, so check it out!