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Website Designing Help: 9 Tips to Improve Your Web Design

Haven’t looked at your website’s layout for a while? You could be turning off almost 40% of your potential customers.

Tackling a redesign of your site can feel overwhelming if you’re not a website building pro. We’ve got nine essential website designing help tips and tricks that makes it easy for anyone — try them all!

1. Use Your Own Site

Feel like your customers aren’t doing what you want them to? Try pretending you’re a customer and use your own site.

By looking at your page with fresh eyes, you’ll see what needs to be improved. Build your plan from there.

2. Find the Perfect Pic

Humans respond best to visuals. Using photos on your site is a way to keep people engaged.

No pictures of your products or services just yet? Use free stock photo sites to boost your page’s appeal.

3. Get Faster

Loading time is essential to keeping customers on your site. Check your loading time on free tools like Google PageSpeed and then adjust accordingly.

Need some ideas to make your page load faster? Get a better hosting plan, make images internet friendly, and don’t use too many external scripts for starters.

4. Make it Mobile

The majority of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Your page needs to be user-friendly and look great in these formats.

Bonus: think outside the box. Hire a business like SharePoint Consulting, Website, and Mobile App Development to create a custom app for you.

5. Create Clear CTAs

Are you still not getting the results you want? You might not be clear about what you want your customers to do.

Make sure your call to action, or CTA, is crystal clear. Make it easy for them to “buy now” or “book today” if those are your goals.

6. Be Social

Social media is essentially free advertising and a way to connect directly with your audience. Use it to your advantage by linking your website to your accounts.

Make sure you have social media icons linked to your channels on your website. Check your social media every day and engage with people to draw them back to your site.

7. Test and Test Again

Don’t get lazy and rest on your laurels. Keep tweaking your site all the time and stay focused on website improvement.

8. Smart About SEO

What’s the use of a great website if no one can find you? SEO, or search engine optimization, needs to be a part of your plan.

Use keywords to rank higher in search engine results. Think about your ideal customers’ needs and create content that meets them.

9. Content Creation Strategy

The main secret of how to make a good website is to start with good content. Give your customers what they want and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Your passion for what you do should come through in your content. Make blogs, videos, and other content showing how you love what you do.

Website Designing Help Made Easy

You don’t have to be a pro to improve your site. These nine website designing help tips can make a big difference on your web page.

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