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Were You Born a Fashionista with a Knack for Style Blogging?

The number of bloggers in the US is expected to reach 31.7 million by the year 2020

How can you make a name for yourself as a fashion and beauty blogger among those numbers? 

Fashion blogging looks fun and has so many perks!

Does it seem like a job that is right up your alley?

Are you a fashionista wondering how to start a fashion blog?

Or are you interested in learning how to become a beauty blogger?

Even if it’s not a high-demand job, getting paid for doing what you love and scoring free products sounds like a win-win situation! Learn how to become a fashion blogger here. 

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

Becoming a fashion blogger is a fashionista’s dream. With so much competition, though, you need to separate yourself from the crowd. Let’s look at what to do to be successful. 

How Much Money Can You Make? 

As you are starting out on this great adventure, the first question you may ask is, “How much do fashion bloggers make?” The amount of money made depends on many factors, one of them being the number of followers you have.

A single post by Instagrammers with a few hundred to a thousand followers can earn $500 to $5000 per post

Imagine posting a pic of yourself in your Nike air force 1 shoe and making $5000! 

What’s Your Niche? 

Before you start your blog, you have to decide on your niche. How is your blog going to be different from everyone else’s? 

Is there a particular type of fashion that shows your personality? Stay true to that. Do not try to follow trends or do what others are doing. Be yourself! 

Come Up With a Catchy Domain Name and Buy Your Domain

You want to build a relationship with your readers/followers. Your name should define you and let people know who you are. 

After choosing a unique name, buy your domain. New domain names cost between $10-$15 per year. You’ll look more legit with your own domain. 

Concentrate on Quality Content

Do not churn out blog post after blog post. Make sure you have something relevant to say. Take a few days to make it perfect. Make it full of good information! 

Be Consistent

Keep your blog updated on a regular basis. Your readers will be looking for posts from you. Do not take breaks that will leave your followers disappointed. They will give up on you and move on. 

Use Social Media

Every blogger needs to have exposure on social media. It’s the best way to get your name and your brand out there. 

Use the most popular ones–Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. 

Are You on Your Way?

Now that you’ve learned the important steps on how to become a fashion blogger, are you on your way to success? Visit us for advice on many topics including how the ins and outs of the internet affect you and your business.