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What are the Best Web Design Elements?

Web design elements are more than just how your website looks. The elements of your web design say a lot about your brand and how you do business.

When you’re designing your website or working with a web design agency, you need to have a clear picture of what you want your website to look like but also why you want it to look that way.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the element of good web design.

Know Thyself

To quote the great Socrates — “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” and that is true for your company and the website you need to convey your mission and message.

Before you start implementing the web design elements we are going to talk about below, make sure they fit with your brand. When you’re working with a professional agency, they will help you make sure you not only get a great design but a design that works for your company specifically.

1. Typography Is Large & In Charge

Most companies have a specific and unique font or typography to allow customers to immediately know they are in the right place when they are visiting their content.

Now, it’s not only about the font and typography look but everything is getting super-sized. With the extra big lettering at the top of the website, your visitors will be able to identify your brand and will start to build a connection with your company immediately. 

2. Semi-Flat Design

A flat design is a design that does not try to make anything look 3-D. Shadows are one of the ways that you can make your website elements look 3-D but semi-flat designs are becoming more popular, so you can throw out the shadows if you want. 

Flat designs make it easier for people to understand the site when they view it and it can also allow the site to load quicker.

Instead of going all the way flat, use a semi-flat design. Only make certain elements flat and add depth to other parts of your design to make the website come to life.

3. Responsive, Large Hero Images

There’s been a lot of talk over the years about making sure that the most important elements of your page are above the fold. These responsive and large hero images say — in your face above the fold, I’ll do what I want!

This strong visual experience right when you visit a page is meant to keep you on the page and to make you want to scroll through the rest of the site. You want to give your customers the best experience and giving them great imagery is one of the best ways to do this.

4. Hamburger Menus

Hamburger images have been around on mobile for quite a while now but they are becoming more popular even with designs for desktop. Having the hamburger menu allows users to focus on what they are doing right now and stop being distracted by all the other bells and whistles of your site.

When you remove the busy navigation from your site, it gives your visitors a better experience. When you focus on UX (user experience), you’re always going to win out in the end.

5. Background Videos

Adding a video that plays automatically to your background can really make the page come to life. When you select this video, make sure you’re being strategic. If the video doesn’t make sense to the visitor, it’s easy to confuse them and make them click away from your page.

Use these background videos to tell a story and engage people with your content without them having to take any additional action. Your visitors are able to process videos quickly and this will make it easier for them to get your message without having to make an effort.

6. Massive Product Images

When you’re trying to sell something, why would you use tiny images? eCommerce sites are learning that massive product images allow people to get an instant understanding of the product they are providing.

You don’t want your visitors to have to click on the image to make it larger so they can see the details. While you do want to have a zoom option so people can really get a look at what they are buying, they should be able to see it close up without clicking the zoom.

Having multiple large images of your product will allow you to showcase certain features that make the product attractive to the visitor. The more you can show the visitor that your product is going to be a good solution for their problem, the more likely they are going to buy. Images are the perfect way to get visitors’ attention and to show them why they should open their wallets on your site.

7. Short Videos Showcasing Products & Features

Even with photos, people are going to want more. Showcasing products and their features using videos can demonstrate how they work which makes it easy for people to understand.

When people see that your product or service is easy to use, they are more likely to do business with you. Using various types of videos on your site to sell your products and services will help you increase your conversion rate.

Use Web Design Elements to Your Advantage

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