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What Are the Main Types of Wine?

Are you looking to get started with the vast world of wine? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

There are tons of different types of wines available on the market. This allows you to explore different varieties until you find that bottle that fits your tastes. However, before you look at labels, there are some things that you should know about the wine itself.

For instance, do you know what the difference between red and white wine is? If you’re not sure, then this is the guide for you. Here, we’ll go over the main types of drinking wine options and give you a general idea about the benefits of wine.

That way, you’ll be ready to explore the world of wine and separate the grape from the trash. Let’s get started!

Red Wines

Red wine is a wine made from dark-colored grapes. The color of red wine can range from a light rose to a deep purple, and the flavor can range from fruity to earthy. Each type of red wine has its own distinct flavor and characteristics.

Pinot Noir is a light-bodied red wine with delicate flavors of cherry and strawberry. Merlot is a medium-bodied red wine with velvety flavors of blackberry and currant. 

If you’re unsure what type of wine to get, a wine club membership can be a great way to try a variety of wines and figure out what you like.

Rosé Wines 

Rosé wine is a type of wine made from red grapes. The grapes are crushed, and the juice is then given time to ferment. Wine with a pale pink or blush hue is the result.

Rosé wines are best served chilled. They can be drunk on their own or with food. The most popular types of rosé wine are off-dry and semi-sweet. 

When pairing rosé wine with food, it is best to match the sweetness of the wine with the sweetness of the food. 

White Wines

White wine is a type of wine made from white grapes. The color of white wine can range from a straw-yellow to a golden color, and the flavor can range from sweet to dry.  

The best types of white wine are extra dry, dry, medium dry, sweet, and dessert. Extra dry white wines are the least sweet, while dessert wines are the sweetest. The amount of sugar that remains after fermentation determines how sweet a white wine will be.

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are usually made by adding carbon dioxide to wine, which makes it fizzy. Sparkling wines can be also red, but they are typically white or rosé. The most popular type of sparkling wine is champagne, produced in the Champagne region of France, and is the most expensive type of sparkling wine.

The other two types of sparkling wine are from red and white grapes, respectively. They are less expensive than champagne and produced in many countries.

Try These Types of Wine

In conclusion, red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines are the most common types of wine. However, there are many others.

Each type of wine has its own distinct flavor and can be paired with different types of food. If you’re looking to try a new wine, start with one of these main types. Cheers! 

If you’re unsure about finding the perfect wine for your next meal, be sure to consult a wine expert or use a wine pairing guide.

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