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What Are the U.S. Citizenship Requirements?

Did you know that around 9 million immigrants can apply for citizenship in the US?

If considering American citizenship, congratulations and welcome to the American family. Before making the leap, however, it’s important to understand some of the US citizenship requirements, and whether you are ready for the responsibility.

First things first, though. Are you eligible for citizenship in the United States? Keep reading to learn a bit about the U.S. citizenship requirements and what potentially makes up you as a citizen.

Be a Permanent Resident

In order for you to become a US Citizen, you must be a permanent resident of the United States. This means that they have been legally allowed to live and work in the country on a permanent basis.

An individual must also have lived in the United States for at least five years before applying for citizenship. You can also check agencies as a resource on immigration to know more about legal assistance for filing your citizenship.

Be at Least 18 Years of Age

There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as for children of U.S. Citizens, but generally, individuals must be 18 or older to begin the citizenship process.

This requirement is in place to ensure that individuals seeking citizenship are of legal age and able to make sound decisions about their application.

Can Understand Basic English

To become a naturalized U.S. Citizen, an immigrant must be able to read, write and speak basic English. This requirement ensures that new citizens can integrate into U.S. society and take part in the democratic process.

While there are some exceptions to this rule, such as for certain elderly or disabled immigrants, most applicants must meet the English language requirement to be eligible for citizenship.

Has a Good Moral Character

You must be a person of “good moral character.” The USCIS defines good moral character as: “generally having a reputation for being honest, upright, and decent; not engaging in criminal activities; and obeying the law.”

Good moral character is typically determined by your actions and behavior, both in the United States and in your home country.

Take an Oath of Allegiance

Taking an Oath of Loyalty to the Union is one of these obligations. This Oath is a vow to uphold and defend the United States Constitution and laws, as well as to bear true faith and loyalty to the United States.

This Oath is a vow to uphold and defend the United States Constitution and laws, as well as to bear true faith and loyalty to the United States. It is a solemn pledge that should not be taken lightly.

Know These U.S. Citizenship Requirements Today

The U.S. citizenship requirements are being at least 18 years of age, being a permanent resident of the U.S. for at least five years, being a person of good moral character, and being able to read, write, and speak basic English. 

And also, being willing to take the United States’ Pledge of Loyalty If you satisfy these conditions and want to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, For additional information, please contact a knowledgeable immigration lawyer.

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