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What Exactly Does an Enterprise Architect Do?

Enterprise architects have been said to be a silver bullet within organizations. These organizations use enterprise architects to create innovative business strategies through new technology for businesses when planning for the future.

Have you ever worked with an enterprise architect? Are you interested in becoming one? What questions do you have about the role?

As technology continues to increase in use for businesses, this position is in growing demand.

Keep reading to learn more about what an enterprise architect does:

What Is an Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect handles creating the best possible IT environment for a business. The concept of enterprise architecture as a whole is to manage information and data within a company. This deals with everything from storing, sending, or using that data.

The information is used to help the future operations of the business.

An enterprise architect salary exceeds $100,000 and the position is in demand by company executives. Being organized is not a benefit but rather a need for this position. This person will work with many areas of the company in order to gain a better picture of how to strategize for the future of the business.

How to Become an Enterprise Architect

Becoming an enterprise architect involves both education and skill in the IT field. Companies look for people that own the desirable job skills of time management, communication, leadership, and good knowledge of business processes. In-depth expertise in software and knowing how systems work is especially important in this position.

Most enterprise architects have a bachelor’s degree in information technology and then added certifications on top of that. Experience in IT is an integral part of the role but there are many other skills needed to carry out the requirements of the position.

Why Do Businesses Need an Enterprise Architect on Their Team

Enterprise architects don’t try to predict the future, they help to create it. Their goal is to look a few years ahead and come up with business strategies that will help the business get to their envisioned end state at that time. This combines technology with several strategies for the business to reach that successful mark.

Knowing what an enterprise architect does and their role for a company is important because they are constantly planning ahead. Although you may not work in this role now, this position is one that you can consult with about the company strategies.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read more about what a career as an enterprise architect is like, you can decide if it is a position that you would like to pursue. Even if it is not a fit for you, it is likely that you work with some enterprise architects and now have a better idea of their role. Check out our website if you would like to read more helpful articles like this one.