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What Is a Press Release? Here’s How Your Business Can Use Them

Great accomplishments don’t deserve to be held behind closed doors. 

You’re a hard-working business owner or local creative, reaching your goals and hoping for someone to notice. It can get old putting in all of the work with zero recognition. You just wish there were some way to tell people about what you’re doing. 

Well, it’s your lucky day because there is a way! It’s called a press release. Once you get the hang of writing a press release, it’s a breeze.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is a press release?” make sure to keep reading. We explain it all below. 

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is a promotional tool that is often overlooked and underappreciated. It’s like a mini-article displaying something you have going on, and it can be constructed using tons of buzz words and promotional techniques. 

If you don’t know what to put into a press release, don’t overthink it. You can talk about a new product or piece you’ve created, or you can discuss a huge goal your business accomplished.

Whenever you’re planning a business and how to promote it, make sure to throw press releases in the plan. 

Where Does It Go?

Let’s say you finally cooked up the best press release. It captures attention, announces something awesome, and has the potential to gain tons of exposure. What do you do now?

The main goal of a press release is to persuade journalists or media outlets to create a review or story around whatever you’re talking about. Therefore, you need to send it to people involved in a network you’re trying to reach.

Press releases, if done correctly, can result in media outlet articles, social media coverage, and reviews, just like these MAGFAST reviews. All of these things will lead to an increase in customers and audience. 

It’s all about getting your name out there! What artist doesn’t want to boost their social media presence

What’s in It for You?

Like we’ve already said, a press release can help you gain exposure and an audience. It’s also great because, with them, you can gain exposure in old and new media. You’ll get everything from Instagram posts to printed articles. 

Once you start getting the exposure, this results in increased credibility. People want to know you are talented, reliable, and worth their time and money. 

Best of all, press releases are totally inexpensive. All it takes is some time and effort. Cutting costs and increasing business are doorways to the path to riches

Write a Press Release Now

Now that you know what is a press release exactly, what are you waiting for? It’s cheap yet effective. It’s a creative way to promote anything you want for your business.

Make sure to use tons of attention-catching phrases along with hot SEO buzzwords. These things will capture the attention of media outlets and journalists. 

If you need more help in planning a business or training your staff for greatness, make sure to check out the rest of our site.