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What’s in It for You: 7 Reasons to Become a Notary

Did you know there is one notary for every 72 people in the United States? While this may seem like an ordinary and (let’s face it) boring profession, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The role of a notary is simple – they witness and authenticate the signing of various important transactions. These include things like advance medical directives, adoption papers, contracts powers of attorney, mortgage documents, and more.

What you may not realize is that becoming a notary is a great way to earn a bit of extra income and work from home, or even improve your career and your resume.

Do you want to become a notary? Or, are you still not really “sold” on this idea?

To make an educated decision regarding whether or not this is a good job option for you, read a few compelling reasons to join the ranks of Notary Publics around the U.S. here.

Are You Eligible to Become a Notary?

Are you even eligible to become a notary? This is an important consideration if you are considering this career path.

A notary public is a person who is authorized by state law to perform various official services. These include thing like certifying formal documents and affidavits, administering oaths, and making acknowledgments.

While the requirements to be a notary varies from one state to another, in most cases, you must by 18 to serve as a notary public.

1. Increase Your Job Options

There are many professions that require the presence or services of notaries public. Insurance companies, banks, schools, and law offices, and other organizations all need the services of a notary on a regular basis.

Some offices require full-time notaries to authenticate various types of documents that are passed through the office. For example, banks may need loans authenticated, and schools may need permission slips authenticated.

There are several roles you can fill as a notary, so there are always going to be job options for you. Also, being a notary is a great way to supplement your full-time job, and make you a more valuable asset for any company or organization.

2. Improved Credibility

As a notary, you are recognized as a service representative of your state. As a result, the credibility you have is enhanced thanks to this designation.

If you work within a company as a notary, you may have to notarize documents for company managers or owners. This type of continuous and frequent interaction with the company leaders enhances your power position while providing you with the opportunity for promotions, and other advantages in office politics.

3. Earn Extra Income

While a notary is appointed by the state and they serve as a public official, they can charge their clients directly and the revenues they earn are theirs to keep. This is why so many people have become “mobile notaries.”

You also have the option to “set up shop,” like Fingerprinting Express and charge individuals for your notary services. While states do regulate the amount of money you can charge for your services, many clients require more than one signature, which gives you the opportunity to increase your profits.

You can also charge additional fees for things like supplies, travel, and other expenses you incur.

4. Employer and Business Advantages

When you are self-employed (as many notaries are) you can increase your exposure while appealing to customers and clients. In fact, there are many notaries who offer their services for free to clients to help attract them.

If you work for someone, you can increase your value to that organization and to your co-workers by being a notary.

5. The Opportunity to Serve the Public

In society, notaries have a very important role. They make sure signatures and documents are legitimate.

As a notary, you can have a hand in preventing fraud. This means you are providing a service that helps to protect your society and individuals.

Have you ever been a victim of fraud? If you answered “yes” then there is a good chance you understand how invaluable fraud prevention services actually are.

If you want to serve the public, then you should seriously consider acquiring a role as a notary.

6. Enjoy a More Flexible Schedule

If you decide that being a self-employed or mobile notary or notary signing agent, you can set your own hours. This is the perfect opportunity for home-based entrepreneurs, stay-at-home-parents, moonlighter, and more.

As a notary, you can let your clients know when you are available. This makes it possible to work full or part-time, take care of your kids, and hire other responsibilities while still earning money.

7. Help Process Documents Faster

Having documents notarized is important and serious business for the majority of organizations. If you are hired on-staff for a business, you play a crucial role in helping get important documents processed quickly.

Companies that have a notary on staff can authenticate their documents quickly and easily. As a result, you will be in high demand and help your company save both money and time.

Is Serving as a Notary Right for You?

Do you want to become a notary? As you can see, there are more than a few benefits offered when you pursue this role.

Be sure to get to know the requirements for your state to determine what you have to do to be eligible for this position.

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