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Where to Donate Books When You’re Ready to Clean Out Your Shelves

Did you know that roughly 640,000 tons of books get discarded each year? That’s a lot of reading material that’s wasting away in landfills. 

When it comes time to deep clean or move, too many books can become a burden. Instead of simply throwing them away, a greener and better solution is to sell or donate books. 

Why Should You Sell or Donate Books?

If you are an avid reader, you probably know how easy it is to build up large piles of books in your home. When you clear out old books, you create space for more. Plus, you avoid contributing to books in landfills.

Thankfully, there are two great ways to get rid of old books: donating or selling. 

Donate Your Old Books

There are thankfully a lot of different ways to donate your books. Let’s take a closer look at some good options.


Public libraries are a great resource for rehoming your books. If they are unable to use them in circulation, they may even offer book sales throughout the year and sell them there. 


While you may have donated clothes or appliances to Goodwill, did you know they also accept books? By donating your old books here, you will be sharing them with your community and supporting job placement programs.

Non-Profit Organizations

Many local nonprofit organizations are constantly stretched for resources. While you may think to donate other essentials, you can also donate books. Programs for at-risk youth, domestic violence shelters, veterans, and halfway homes, and even prisons might greatly appreciate the reading material. 

Assisted Living Facilities

Older people in care facilities are usually stretched financially. That doesn’t mean they don’t love to read and keep their mind agile! Call and ask if they would like your old books, including any large print books.

Local Theatre Companies

Ever wonder where production teams get their props? By donating your old or worn book, you could be providing an essential prop for a play. Donations are especially appreciated for local community theatres with smaller budgets.


By donating to local schools, you could be helping out students and teachers. 

Since many teachers use their own money to purchase books, your donation is appreciated. 

Sell Your Books

If your books are in quality condition, and you are interested in making some extra cash, selling is a great choice.

Profit Websites

Did you know that you can get Cash For Your Books by selling online? Whether you have textbooks, classics, or even contemporary favorites, this is an easy way to make some extra money.

Discount Book Stores

Half-Price Books and other discounted stores are normally glad to take your old books. They will assess the quality, interest, and overall value of each title, then they will offer either money or store credit. If you’re an avid reader looking to clear out the old for the new, this is a great exchange option. 

Local Bookstores

Some local stores also have a gently used section. If you’re looking to sell your book and support a local business, this is for you! Make sure to call ahead and double-check each store’s preferences.

Facebook Marketplace

Do you have a lot of titles that you want to unload with little effort? Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist connect you with others in your community on the hunt for items.

Someone might be willing to pay a reduced rate for your collection, and you can ask that they pick up the items for a no-hassle transaction. 

Declutter by Donating Old Books

By unloading your old books, you allow others to fall in love with their stories. Whether you sell or donate books, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Looking for more ways to donate old items or even turn a profit? Find your niche on our blog!