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Which of the Online Mattress Companies Makes the Best Mattress?

According to Statista, the global mattress market is expected to it $43 billion by 2024. Online mattress companies are key players in this market growth.

A great mattress is vital for a fantastic sleep. To enjoy your moments in slumber, you need the best mattresses. Having a low-quality mattress won’t satisfy your needs.

With many brands in the market, you can end up getting low-quality products. You need to have all the information right to get tight products that suit your needs. Buying a mattress can be tricky due to imitations and fake ones.

If you are wondering about choosing between online mattress companies, then this is the right place. You don’t have to visit a store to get your favorite product.

To help you when making a purchase, this article brings you the online mattress companies that make great products.

1. Saatva

Saatva’s luxury mattresses are amongst the best sellers today. Making customers fancy brands from this company because they are long lasting and comfortable to sleep on. Saatva has established itself as a reliable brand that customers can look upon.

When talking about Saatva, you are speaking of the perfect firmness and support that a mattress can offer. The leading technology behind Saatva’s success is the inner coils. The coils are wrapped to provide fewer motions making it easy to shift positions while sleeping.

Besides quality Saatva offers a 15-year limited warranty and a 120-day trial period.

2. Purple

You probably know of a calm, quiet color known as purple, so is a mattress brand with such a name. Founded in Utah, this company makes superfluity mattresses that you won’t think twice while buying. Purple mattresses use a high quality cushioning technology that makes them very comfy and sleek.

Many users praise Purple for its breathability and foam support. Purple has two mattress options- the New Luxury model and the Original model.

The 100 days trial period gives you a chance to test the grid. If you are worried about long-term durability, Purple offers a 10-year warranty to offset all concerns,

3. Leesa

Leesa is one of the online mattress companies with lots of happy customers and thousands of 5-star reviews. It manufactures long-lasting foam mattresses that offer firmness, support, and comfort.

These mattresses feature performance layers that provide cooling bounce, core support, and pressure relief. Leesa offers free shipping and a free donation to charity for every mattress sold. This commitment to social responsibility has seen donations of tens of thousands of mattresses.

The Sapira and Memory foam is the main products by Leesa. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return within 100 days.

4. Ikea

This is a famous brand known for low-cost but high durability. Ikea is a customer-oriented brand that offers more than 15 options to the market. You can choose from a $900 Queen all way down to the $120 options.

Regardless of your budget, you will land a reliable quality mattress courtesy of IKEA. The 365-day trial period is something else that gives it an edge among equals. Besides, the 25-year limited warranty covers manufacturing defects that might arise.  

5. Nectar

Nectar is a newbie in the market but has upset rivals by launching over 100000 mattresses in 2 years. Nectar offers quality mattresses with below average prices and a forever warranty. The mattresses provide breathability, comfort, and support.

Stomach and side back sleepers love the gel foam that provides contour support and increases airflow. Besides, Nectar’s home trial gives you 365 nights to test if the mattress is ideal for you. You can also check their reviews on Mattress Review Guru to see if the company is ideal for you.

6. Turf & Needle

If you are considering for a budget-friendly mattress, then it has to be the Tuft and Needle. This company offers a one-style mattress inspired by adaptive foam technology. The queen-size mattress features a 7” support layer and a cooling gel that help in temperature regulation.

Users note that the mattresses are amazingly priced and comfortable. However, the mattress tends to be firm and unideal for a super-soft bed. This online mattress company uses chemical-free foam for environmental friendliness.

7. Helix

Helix mattresses balance between softness and firmness while providing side sleeper support and pressure relief. Inspired by the foam-and-coil technology, Helix mattresses offer personalized body contouring due to the wrapped coils that cradle the body.

Each mattress has a two-touch design for maximum breathability and airflow. If you have a sensitive spine, then the Helix mattresses keep you covered. Helix uses a Dynamic Foam, which uses a latex technology to absorb any pressure generated by the body.

Helix Dusk is the most sought-after model. It is exceptionally made with hybrid technology to give users the best slumber.

8. Layla

This mattress company is distinguished for offering flappable designs. Layla uses copper infused memory foam to make firm, versatile, and affordable mattresses. It is an all-around hit made for durability, comfort, and spine support.

One side of the mattress offers firm and support while the other is more cradling and plush. The infused copper gel pulls off any excess body heat while killing bacteria. Also, it offers motion isolation and pressure relief.

9. Casper

This is a unique brand that offers a range of hybrid mattresses that you can choose. You can physically test the mattress from any of the many stores dotted all over the country. After purchasing the mattress, they offer free delivery and haul the old one for free.

There are two main products made by Casper- the Wave and the Essential. The Wave features a Hyper-targeted support system for ergonomic spinal alignment. The Essential is a no-frills model that is highly affordable and comfortable.

Choosing the Between the Best Online Mattress Companies

Each company has desirable features that you should be considering. You can purchase products online and enjoy some bonuses such as free delivery and trial time.

When purchasing mattresses online, always put in mind your body and the technology used. In the real sense, research the products that suit you, and you’ll be good to go.

The above online mattress companies produce the best products ever. If you are looking forward to a great mattress, any of the above options will do. Order your mattress today and witness the change in sleep patterns and comfort.

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