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Why Your Business Should Consider Doing Team Building Activities

One of the worst things that can happen to any business is having disgruntled, disengaged employees. And what’s worse is that disengaged employees cost businesses 500 billion dollars.

This is a problem you want to avoid. And you can avoid disengagement in your employees through team building. 

Team building is vital to maintaining a positive work environment and getting the most productivity out of your employees. And more productivity means that your bottom line will be better off. 

An added bonus will also be that you won’t have to deal with your workers looking and acting like sad sacks all the time. 

So read this guide and commit these team building tips to memory for a more productive office. 

Constant Complaining Is a Sign of Poor Cohesion 

It’s almost certain that you’re familiar with the scene of negative workspace. Workers mill about doing their work at the barest minimum standard so they can finish it quicker. 

They take any excuse to slack off when they think you’re not looking, and snap back into action only when they think that a punishment is imminent. 

What’s worse is that more senior employees who complain loudly and vocally about their infect younger workers with their negative attitude.

This cultivates an expectation of disappointment that brings down morale, and your bottom line. 

You also can’t fire every Debbie Downer you come across in the office, but you do have another option: team building. 

Team building activities raise morale, cultivates positive attitudes in workers, and raise the energy level of workers. Workers can then put that energy to use by pouring passion into their tasks. 

When people are passionate about something, they will try harder and put their best efforts forward. If your employees are all trying their best and not barely scraping at the standard, you’ll see it in their work and in your quarterly review. 

Team Building Is About The Subtlety Of Human Interactions 

Even a person who asks “What are team building activities?” has some idea of what they are and why they’re important. 

When most people think of team building activities, they think of perfunctory corporate activities like an office picnic or an office game officiated by some manager. 

But team building activities are any exercise taken up in the workplace by employees that fosters communication, bonding, and teamwork. 

A company picnic could be a good idea, but it is imperative that it does not come across as forced. And it’s equally imperative that it’s not announced as a team building activity. 

People tend to be distrustful of any corporate activity that is explicit in its goal of bringing people together. So the best thing you can do when staging a team building activity is to be as casual as possible about it. 

After work, invite your employees to a bar. Even better if that bar features some kind of team game so that there can be a friendly competition where leadership, fun, and trust can be built organically. 

Remember that team building activities can be anything that workers do in a group that brings out the benefits of team building activities, like leadership and trust in a subtle way. 

Remember That Team Building Is An Investment 

You may be hesitant to spend money and effort to take the entire office spelunking or to an escape room every now and then. 

This is understandable, but you can’t start to perceive business team building as a frivolous expense. 

Always keep in mind that the point of these activities is to increase production and energy levels in your workers, which ultimately brings your bottom line up. 

If you feel that a particular activity didn’t work out the way you intended, that’s alright. You just need to find an activity that brings out the advantages of team building activities. 

Also, keep in mind that you can’t be disengaged or at arm’s length from your employees. They need to come to trust you, and they can’t do that if you aren’t present in the mental or physical sense. 

Team building also revolves around being more connected to the people around you. Use team building as a way to learn about your employee’s lives and personalities. 

Once you’ve done that, think of ways you leverage their strengths and weaknesses to make the office run more efficiently. 

Team Building Can Be Worked Into Productivity 

Team building doesn’t have to be completely divorced from productive work. If your industry is something like sales or anything that deals with clients all day, this can be especially easy. 

Create a game where whichever team can sell the most amount of product to people wearing blue suits gets a prize. Work-based team building activities don’t have to be exactly that, but you get the drift. 

Building trust and support among your employees as they work is the best way to keep them motivated and lighthearted as the day goes by. 

Remember that your ultimate goal is to create a workspace where people want to come in. Because if they want to come in, they’ll want to work. 

Team Building Is The Future 

Once your employees star functioning as a cohesive group, you’ll see the importance of team building first hand. 

Keeping the people in your workspace from being miserable is good for your bottom line, your peace of mind, and it’s rewarding doing the right thing. 

Once you’ve seen the results, you’ll wonder how you ever ran your business any other way. 

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