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Window Air Conditioners: 7 Problems Your Business Might Experience with These Units

When it comes to fighting the heat of the sun, your air conditioning has always been by your side. A great window air conditioning system can keep you cool and a lot of good upsides as well.

Maintaining your window air conditioner is a must. Even then, there will be some problems along the way when you use your cooling unit regardless.

Window air conditioners, even with good maintenance history, can have problems. Not all units offer the best longevity. A good thing is that you can do something about it.

In this guide, we’ll talk about 7 problems that you might experience with your HVAC unit. Understanding its problems may save you extra money from air conditioning repair.

Are you ready to learn more about your heating and air conditioning? Here they are.

1. Water Drips Upfront

One of the typical problems that people have when it comes to their AC units are water drips from the front panel. On a normal day, a window air conditioning unit should have its condensate drain on the back. This should go straight outdoors, through roofing or gutter.

When your water drains forward, the drip pan inside your HVAC unit does not slope back. Rather, this slopes forward indoors, which is problematic.

You can correct this error by adjusting the position of the pan itself. While most parts of the AC have a leveled position, the drip pan will have a slope by default. If you can’t correct it, it’s best to contact somebody like this cooling company for an air conditioning repair.

2. Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Cooling

If your air conditioning unit is not cooling, there are a few problems that you can relate to this. The first one is that it may need to have its refrigerant recharged. The refrigerant chemical is the substance that takes away the heat and cools your room.

When your problem is refrigerant related, it’s best to request for an air conditioning service. Refrigerant needs careful handling, something only professionals should do.

The second possibility, however, is that your heating and air conditioning would only need some cleaning. Most of this needs you to remove the front panel and clean the air filtration system. It’s best to consult your manual if you plan on doing a DIY removal yourself.

3. HVAC Unit is Noisy

Another problem that tends to plague window air conditioning units is a strange noise. If you use your AC for the first time, the buzz will be either light or quiet, depending on the age and model. There are a few sources when it comes to this HVAC unit problem.

First, the problem may come from a fan belt issue. Fan belts can dislodge from their positions. Adjusting it back can correct many of the noise issues with your air conditioning unit.

For fan belts that have physical damages, however, that’s a different problem. You would need some professional air conditioning repair to take care of your AC unit.

4. Heating and Air Conditioning Has Weird Smells

Many AC units should have a fresh smell, as you’re using the vapors from it to cool your room. If there are weird smells that come from your HVAC unit, there might be a few possible problems. Many of these tend to be simple.

The first question is if you didn’t use your air conditioning unit for a while. If you haven’t, this problem comes from the growth of bacteria and mold in your AC filter and compressor. If this happens, some air conditioning service is in order.

You would need to have your filters and compressor soaped and scrubbed. If you think you rather DIY, check for manuals and see how to clean your heating and air conditioning.

5. AC is Cycling On and Off Too Fast

When it comes to your AC unit, cycling is a normal event. Even then, excessive cycling in your air conditioning unit can be the sign of an existing problem.

Constant cycles on and off can be a sign that the thermostat or temperature sensor is not working. If you want to correct this problem, ensure that the thermostat is close to, but not in contact with, the evaporator coil. You need to reposition this part as necessary.

Make sure that your thermostat does not have any obstructions. Make sure there’s no damage on the condenser unit as well. There may even be a refrigerant leak.

If you’re not sure how to do it, call for an air conditioning repair company to do it for you.

6. Air Conditioning Does Not Turn On

Do your heating and air conditioning not turn on? Have you tried turning your AC on and off again? If you did, there might be a few possible issues with your air conditioning unit.

First, make sure that your socket does not have any problem. Unplug the HVAC unit and try to socket with another appliance. If the other appliance works, check for damages. Does your AC unit have any damage anywhere?

Check for broken fuses. Unplug the unit first and try to replace the fuse from your unit. Make sure that the fuse amperage is the same as the one installed.

If all else fails, you would need to get an air conditioning service. The problem may be electronic, anywhere from the power supply to the power cord.

7. AC Trips Your Circuit Breaker

Does the AC keep tripping your circuit breakers? Does it short circuit your home? You would want to check your circuit first.

Your circuit should carry enough amps to serve the air conditioning unit. Too many appliances within the same circuit can result in an overload. Where you can, disconnect other appliances or install a dedicated circuit for the heating and air conditioning.

Understanding The Problems Of Your Window Air Conditioners

When it comes to your window air conditioners, you want to make sure that you know what problems relate to some issues. Some troubleshooting may help you understand where the problem is. If the AC unit’s issue is too much, it’s best to call professionals to do the work.

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