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Your Buying Guide for the Best Commercial Computer Printers

Your business requires a printer for printing, scanning, faxing, and other services. Here’s your guide to the best commercial computer printers.

Operating a business can be complicated, as you’ve got to master multiple roles.

One of those roles is an information technology professional — the person responsible for choosing your company’s office equipment.

Your business needs a printer for printing, scanning, faxing, and other services. You don’t want your investment to go to waste, so choosing the right one is critical. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide for buying the best commercial computer printers.

Let’s jump in!

Black and White Computer Printers

Perhaps black and white printers are all your company needs. These printers offer several benefits.

For one, printing black and white documents is much faster, especially if you’ll be doing large print jobs. In addition, these printers are generally more environmentally friendly compared with their color counterparts.

A popular black and white printer is the Phaser 3260, which is known for its efficiency.

The compact yet powerful printer is designed to help you to control costs and streamline processes while producing clear, crisp graphics and text.

Black and White Multifunction Printers

These printers come in handy for business owners who want to print solely in black and white while still being able to complete other tasks from their printers.

An example of such a printer is the WorkCentre 3225, which actually converts papers into electronic documents. You can then easily save these documents to a desktop folder or a network, or you can insert them into a particular application.

You could even send a paper document to an email recipient from the printer’s front panel. Talk about convenience.

Color Printers

Color printers, unlike black and white printers, offer the benefit of helping to establish your business reputation more readily than black and white printers do.

Color printing is especially helpful for marketing. Why? They promote greater recall and retention, and they are generally more compelling, persuasive and alluring.

A top color printer is the VersaLink C400. It’s known for its extra perks of mobile connectivity and instant cloud connectivity. Without a doubt, this next-generation, versatile and flexible printer is designed for the modern business.

Color Multifunction Printers

These printers, like their black and white counterparts, are popular due to the space savings, cost savings, and convenience they provide.

Of course, they offer the added benefit of producing eye-catching color prints.

An example of such a printer is the AltaLink C8030. This printer features a growing app library for expanding the printer’s functionality. Thus, it can help businesses to work smarter, faster and better.

The printer is particularly popular among busy offices and large or mid-size workgroups looking for complete document solutions.

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