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Keep Work Interesting! 8 Creative Office Design Ideas You NEED to See

Did you know that stress is costing businesses up to $300 billion in potential value lost? Whether you’re the only employee or have to manage a fully-staffed office, you can control your environment. By utilizing modern office design ideas, you’ll make a measurable improvement in the mood of others.

Investing in office space comforts and organization are well worth the return on investment. As a CEO, this may result in the ultimate success of your business. As a manager, you could avoid losing thousands of dollars in retraining replacement employees.

Here are a few design ideas to get you started.

1. Organized Spaces

What sets a productive office apart from a stressful and demotivating one? The spaces themselves, of course. An office building with busy, crowded, and nauseating noise is not going to be efficient.

This is why building trends like the shipping container office and garden offices are taking off. People want to break the mold of the sea of cubicles. Quiet spaces are more important than cramming productivity in a box.

Think about how you want your office to look like and build with sound isolation in mind. 

2. Easy on the Eyes

Long hours in the office contribute to many health problems, including eye fatigue and vision loss. We may not even catch it while we’re at work, which makes it so dangerous. Poor lighting in the office creates an environment that works against you.

To combat this, try to introduce as much natural light into the office as possible. Open windows, natural, warm light bulbs, and better positioning of monitors will help. If that’s not enough, you should consider replacing walls with glass panes.

Providing more sun and more natural surroundings goes a long way towards improving employee morale.

3. Improving Amenities

Treating your office as an extension of the home is the best way to avoid a negative-feedback loop. People feel it automatically when they step foot inside an office space that is harsh, uninviting, and associated with discomfort. The body starts to react negatively and stress levels snowball.

Combat this modern work knee-jerk reaction by creating inviting spaces with amenities. The coffee break station or kitchen area should be stocked with plenty of feel-good items. Offer breakfast items regularly and keep options available for vegan diets.

4. Living, Breathing Plants

Leaving windows open may not be a viable option for some office spaces. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for stale air. Buy some succulents, the world’s greatest office plants

You can’t kill them, unless you never water them, because they only need a fraction of sunlight. They retain their beautiful shape and color year around, and they won’t try to escape their pot. Office plants are very inexpensive and practical.

Even if you do somehow manage to kill your office plant, you have an entire year to bring it back for a new one at places like Home Depot. Gifting houseplants to your employees is also a great way to boost morale. 

5. Bulletin Boards

Returning the focus on organization, you definitely need a lot of space for planning and communication. Having a large bulletin board to write and post important messages on will keep everything in order. Unpredictably in the office is a recipe for disaster.

Use your bulletin board for other things, too, such as to-do lists, daily orders, and quick-access to various templates and documents. Use it to give kudos and motivational quotes for cool office ideas.

6. Local Office Design Ideas

When designing the most unique office design layout, don’t forget to be mindful of the area you’re in. For home offices, this is less important, but for office buildings, heed our advice. Tapping into the community, hiring local artists, contractors, or historians should take precedent. 

Don’t just look at the bottom-line of an office renovation. If you’re really tight on budget, tap into interns, college students, and local businesses for collaborations. Going through the effort of using the resources around you will make your office feel more grounded and respected. 

7. Adjustable Desks

This isn’t just a cool office design idea, it’s a healthy one. Sitting for long periods of time is an obvious problem, no matter how comfortable your chair is. Investing in desks that can be adjusted for standing is no longer cost prohibitive.

A quality adjustable height desk costs almost the same as any other high-quality office desk. You could also retrofit your desks with adjustable cranks, if you feel attached to the one you have. While you’re at it, install some moving disks to the bottoms of all your furniture.

Then, you have a truly adaptable workspace that can adjust based on you and your employee’s needs.

8. Color and Personality

We mentioned collaborating with local artists to breathe some life into the office. Take this to the next level by incorporating lots of color and personality inside; on the walls, floors, and tables. There’s a reason why modern offices, headquarters, and tech centers are filled with art.

Creativity is an important partner for productivity. Going to the office that is filled with muted colors and repetitive patterns is soul-crushing to look at. Bury the office space of old and bring out the paint brushes for a new lease on office life.

Positive Work Environments

Our eight office design ideas are all about inspiring and energizing the workplace. The office should be social, creative, and comfortable. Everyone should want to work hard for your company, not feel forced.

Obedience isn’t always the greatest trait to have for the company. You should focus on hiring skilled, free-thinking, and confident employees.

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