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10 Critical Tips to Improve Your Workplace Security

Properly securing your office building and surroundings is critical to keeping your employees and customers safe. Here are 10 tips to improve workplace security

We can’t turn a blind eye and pretend a crime could never happen to us – everyone needs to a plan for workplace security.

Violent crimes cost American companies more than $36 billion a year.

Properly securing your office building and surrounding areas is vital to keeping your customers and employees safe. Here are 10 tips to help you improve your workplace safety.

1. Create a Plan for Workplace Security

May sound simple enough, but not every business has a formal plan for emergency situations such as a violent person or natural disaster.

Your policy and procedures manual should include workplace safety procedures.

Local law enforcement agencies are usually willing to give suggestions and offer courses to improve safety in the workplace.

2. Practice

After you have your plan, be sure to practice. Tell employees it’s a drill ahead of time. This will let you know if your employees know what to do in an emergency situation.

3. Purchase Security Cameras

Don’t wait to purchase an alarm system. Many businesses purchase them after a break-in.

You can work with companies that specialize in alarm and security systems, like ADT Small Business Security. They will review your property and give you recommendations on the best systems and layout.

It’s important to make sure you also have proper lighting in your parking lots for nighttime safety.

4. Advertise Your Security System

Let the outside world and employees know that you have a system. The signs can deter crime.

Make sure you have warning signs at each of your exit and entry points.

5. Proper Identification

Make your employees wear ID badges with photo identification. You can have these badges link to your electronic locks. When a client or guest enters your building, they should sign in and receive a guest badge.

For employee safety, you need to know everyone that comes in and out of your building.

6. No Guest Should Be Left Behind

Don’t leave your guests or clients unsupervised in your building. Make sure they get escorted around the office until they leave the building.

7. Organize and Lock

Instruct your employees to lock up computers and confidential papers when leaving even for a short time.

Label all the office equipment, so you can easily identify if something is missing or out of place.

8. Avoid Employees Working Alone

It’s always best to ensure no one works alone at night. If someone needs to stay late, he or she should notify a supervisor.

All doors must be locked and properly secured if an employee is alone.

9. Examine Exit and Entry Points

Criminals look for places that are easy to enter such as open elevators, insecure fire escapes, and open reception areas.

Check windows and doors frequently and fix any issues immediately.

10. Regular Staff Training

You have a plan, but regular training is important, especially if your business handles cash outside of normal business hours.

Law enforcement recommends you train staff to:

  • Handle and safely
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Close and open business properly

Help your employees stay safe at work with proper planning and practice.

Need Help with Forms?

Now that you have read about workplace security, you may be thinking about additional plans and forms.

We have several templates, such as , available to help you run your business smoothly and effectively.