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6 Tips for Starting a Craft Beer Brewery

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, its origin dating back to as early as the Neolithic period. It’s also one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the US, with 42% of American drinkers preferring it to other drinks.

34% of US drinkers enjoy wine, while 19% will do any liquor. What’s more, the average drinking adult consumes about 26.2 gallons every year.

That’s like 210 pints per person. In 2018, the estimated total beer consumed by Americans reached 6 3 billion gallons.

These are awakening statistics for anyone who wants to open a craft beer brewery business. Many customers are waiting to have a taste of your brand. Moreover, the industry’s external factors are pretty favorable for running a successful craft beer brewery.

But what entails starting a craft beer brewery? Where should you put your focus to stimulate revenues within the first few months? Here are six researched tips to help you start.

1. Determine If You’re the Right Person to Start Craft Brewery and Choose a Name

Anyone can open a business and turn it into a money-making venture within months. However, the beer industry is not for everyone. The level of passion you have towards beer generally determines if you’re going to succeed. First, you would want to determine if you’re a good fit.

Knowing if you’re ripe for beer business entails asking yourself several questions. For instance, can you brew beer while cleaning the whole day? Can you serve revelers for more than 40 hours every week? Besides having skills in sales and marketing, can you keep accurate records?

If you’re short of capital, who can you approach for funding? In a nutshell, starting a craft beer brewery has more to do than just traditional brewing. You have to think like a business person if you’re going to run a successful craft beer brewery. Also, you have to be patient with customers.

After determining if you’re an excellent fit for this business, you’ll embark on choosing a name. This can be pretty difficult because you want a unique name that embodies your brand. Also, you want a name that revelers will easily remember and even recommend to their friends.

That said, go for a name that is short but catchy. If you run out of ideas, reach out to a branding agency—they’ll help you figure out which name suits your business.

2. Which Business Structure Do You Adopt?

Before trademarking your brewery, it’s imperative to understand that there are various business structures. Don’t go for a sole proprietorship unless you’re willing to risk your personal assets. In reality, your business should be a stand-alone entity, separate from what you own outside it.

Also, you have to determine if you’re bringing in multiple investors. In that case, it will be more of a partnership. In this business structure, you’ll create documents that highlight who owns what. You’ll also indicate the roles of each partner and individual liability towards the business.

This process is quite tricky with many legal demands. It will help if you reach out to an attorney to help you with the paperwork. Most importantly, don’t forget to include a clause that highlights how you can dissolve the partnership if needed.

3. Choosing a Trademark for Your Brewery Brand

The name of your brewery, beer brand, including brand colors, are your intellectual property. No other business should use it for any purpose, whether marketing or just for fun, without your express permission. One way of protecting this intellectual property is through a trademark.

In the same way, your brand name or colors shouldn’t match that of any other business. The organization authorized to enforce trademark compliance in the US is the Patent and Trademark Office. You’ll need to submit your brewery’s name to them for trademark consideration.

The office will check if your preferred trademark coincides with that of any other business in their system. If not, you’ll get the green light to use the trademark.

How do you approach the US Patent and Trademark Office? Although you can do it yourself, it’s prudent to navigate this process with an IP attorney. That way, you can tackle any legal challenges associated with the application without much hassle.

4. Choosing a Perfect Location

Finding the right location is the most critical stage of opening a craft beer brewery. Location sets out the tone of your business and determines whether revelers will find it a good spot to frequent during weekends. Also, it determines favorably you’re going to compete with similar businesses.

For instance, you want a spot with ample security. Most importantly, the area should be accessible. Customers will want to jump straight into a cab after having enough for the day instead of navigating dark alleys.

5. Approach a Good Landlord

There are high chances that you’ll not be erecting a new structure for starting a craft beer brewery business. The most viable alternative option is getting a rental property. But should you go for monthly rent or a leasing contract?

The latter option sounds better because it gives you enough time to plan your rent expenses. There are some months where the business turnout will be low. In those days, raising the rent plus paying your employees can be pretty overwhelming.

Also, you can choose a short or long-term lease. For a start, go with a short-term lease until you’re sure about the venture’s viability. Moreover, you might want to move to a better location if the business picks well, beyond your expectations.

After sorting out the premises, go for Brewery Insurance Coverage to protect your business from consumer liabilities.

6. Marketing Your Brewery Business

There are two main ways to advertise your new brewery business. First, you can join online listings. Here include the name of your business, address, and a working phone number. Some customers will want you to deliver bulk orders to their homes or private parties.

Secondly, you can open up a website and a social media page. Having an online presence will help customers find you easily. Just like in the online listings, ensure your business details are available on these platforms always.

Open Your Craft Beer Brewery Business Today

The process of launching a craft beer brewery is as simple as highlighted in these tips. Remember, it helps if you have an attorney when navigating some stages. Don’t let legal red tapes hinder you even before you start.

Now that you know how to open a brewery read other articles on this site for more tips on how to sell craft beer.