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Gifts for Pets: Common Shopping Mistakes to Avoid for Owners

We all love our pets.

For many of us, they are like are own children, and for all of us, they are a part of the family.

Because of our love for our four-legged, furry, scaly, feathered, slithering and crawling friends, we want the best for them. When birthdays and holidays come around, we want to celebrate and shower them with gifts.

However, buying gifts for pets isn’t always as easy as one might think. We may think we know what our pets want as presents, but we may not know at all. After all, it’s not like we can ask them and they can tell us. We can base our gift selection on what we think they’ll like and what they’ve enjoyed in the past, but we still may end up way off target anyway.

If you’re wondering how to buy the best gifts for cats or dogs or any other pet you have, read on. You’ll find some great tips here. 

1. Mistake One: Unsafe Gifts

The first thing you must think about when buying gifts for pets is safety. Sadly, there are a lot of unsafe pet toys out there today. Most pet toy and treat manufacturers love pets and want the best for them, but there are also a lot of companies that just want to make money and totally disregard pet safety. 

If you buy toys or clothing for your pets, make sure there is nothing in which they can become entangled and check for small pieces that they may try to eat that could be choking hazards. Choose items that are durable and non-toxic.

When it comes to buying treats, choose items that were made in the USA. Pet treats that are made in other countries may be older or may contain ingredients that can be harmful for your little one.

2. Mistake Two: Spending Too Much

It’s tempting to buy the very best gift for your pet and so you may find yourself choosing the most expensive option when shopping for him or her. This is not always a wise decision; just because something is more expensive doesn’t mean that it’s better. In fact, many pet items are marked up high to trick you into spending more money than you should. Don’t fall for this trick! You can find great pet gifts that are affordable, too. 

3. Mistake Three: Buying Something You Want for Yourself

Remember, the gift you are buying is for your pet – it’s not for you. When shopping for gifts for pets, you may find yourself choosing an item that you personally want, but that doesn’t mean your pet will want that item too.

For one example, pet portraits are wonderful and everyone should have one or more in their home, but is that gift for you, or for your pet? If you want a pet portrait, buy one, and then also buy some toys or other goodies for your pet to enjoy as well. 

Gifts for Pets: Happy Shopping

If you consider the above potential mistakes when shopping for gifts for pets and avoid them, then you can’t go wrong. Sure, there’s a chance your pet won’t like what you select even if you keep these tips in mind, but that can happen when you buy gifts for humans, too, and at least you’ll know you tried your best.

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