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7 Big Reasons Your Small Business Needs Business Cards

Have you heard business cards are dead? If so, you aren’t alone. It’s a rumor that’s been circulating for several years now.

After all, this is called the digital age for a reason. You send emails, sign e-contracts, attend virtual meetings, and even network online.

While all this is true, the old school, traditional business card isn’t something that will be replaced by technology any time soon.

Are you still unconvinced they are right for your business? If so, read several reasons you shouldn’t be doing business without these cards.

1. Not Everyone Owns a Smartphone

Yes, approximately 77 percent of all Americans now own a smartphone. While this is true, not everyone wants to own a smartphone. The reasons for this vary, but it’s a fact.

This means you need to have more traditional ways to convey the contact information for your business.

The business card makes this easy. Simply hand them out and when someone needs the service or product you offer; your contact information is right there for them to use.

2. Business Cards Show You are Prepared

Have you ever had someone write their contact information on a napkin and hand it to you? Or, what if you needed to get your information to someone whose mobile phone was dead? Without a business card, there’s no professional way to provide your contact info.

This is true when you are doing business with other businesses, too. For example, what if you need a loan? Chances are, writing your business contact information on a scrap piece of paper will not be too impressive to the bank representative.

Having business cards available helps you make a great first impression. You can also read more here about business loans and making a great first impression.

3. They’re Always Accessible

You never have to worry about your business card being inaccessible due to internet outages or dead spots.

You can use them at an industry conference in a mid-city hotel or a remote fishing camp – or in situations where phones and other digital devices have to be turned off. For example, a hospital or plane.

4. Creative Business Cards Get Shared and Continue Marketing Your Business

Business cards are physical objects that a possible prospect leaves the encounter with. This means your brand sticks with them.

If you meet a prospect and you exchange phone numbers and email addresses, you walk away with yet another contact on your mobile phone. It usually ends there.

However, if you have a creative and unique business card that makes a great impression, that person is much more likely to show it to others. This helps to put your brand in front of other prospects.

5. They are a Powerful Tool to Help Build Brand Awareness

If you are trying to build your business, branding needs to be a part of your long-term strategy. It helps customers and prospects remember your business and your offerings.

Branding consists of visual identity aspects, which includes your business cards. It’s these physical items that help to bring awareness to your business. An effective business card can also evoke emotions while building connections between you and your market.

Put simply, business cards help you stand out, retain customers, and target customers, which means they play an effective role in the overall success and growth of your business. Finding the right business card design for your business is going to pay off significantly now and in the future.

6. They are Culturally Appropriate

The ritual exchange of business cards is essential to establishing business relationships in several countries. For example, in Hong Kong, if you are given a business card and don’t provide one in return, you can expect to close your business right then and there.

This is true in Japan, too. The condition and quality of your business card speak quite a bit about how you conduct business and yourself.

7. Your Business Card is Often a First Impression of Your Business for Prospective Customers

If you meet someone who may be a great prospect or potential connection, you want them to walk away with a great first impression, right? Having a memorable business card does much more than pass on your phone number and email address.

When you make a connection with your business card, you don’t want your brand associated with the word “cheap.” If you own a retail store and are trying to make a great first impression, you wouldn’t make your sign out of a piece of cardboard and a Sharpie. You should have the same mentality when it comes to your business cards.

The goal is to make a memorable first impression. A unique business card is going to fuel the conversation further.

While a well-designed and unique business card may cost more, think about how many unnecessary expenses you can cut to secure the funds for quality business cards. For example, do you really need that ping pong table in the breakroom?

Business Cards: You Need Them

The information here makes it clear that business cards are a must-have as part of your marketing plan. You can’t ignore them, as they provide all the benefits above and more.

Keep in mind, while having a traditional business card may seem old school, make sure to make it as unique as possible.

For more information on how to make your business stand out, check out some of our other blogs. We are dedicated to ensuring our readers have the latest information to help their business grow and succeed.