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How Do Child Advocacy Lawyers Differ From Those Advocating For Adults?

Practicing Law has become one of the most sought after careers in different parts of the world. Not only does practicing law offer you lucrative opportunities, but it’s also everyone’s right to get a fair hearing. Every suspect has a right to court representation.

Children, just like adults, can also be represented in a court of law. This is where a child advocate attorney comes in. Child advocacy lawyers are essential in playing the role of protecting a child’s interest.

An attorney can either be chosen by a judge or the parent. In some cases, it might be for an advisory role or actual court representation in others. Both sets of lawyers seem to be offering the same service but just to different sets of individuals.

Children can also be found on the wrong side of the law and become subject to investigations. They might be assault, sex charge, theft, and even drug-related.
Having a child attorney might be the best way out to keeping your son or daughter out of juvenile.

Below are some of the best ways by which adult and kids lawyers differ in the provision of their service.

1. Representation

Unlike adult cases where they are subject to a lot of interaction during the court proceedings, children tend to have most of their talking done by their lawyers. The lawyer should be able to explain what the juvenile wants precisely

The advocate’s ultimate goal will be to prevent the child from any manipulation. Minors are very emotional beings and tend to give answers that will suit the situation they are. Its, therefore, a child advocates mandate to ensure your client is protected from any form of exploitation.

It’s, therefore evident that the forms of representation are different while working for both the adults and child client. A child advocate has more responsibilities than that of an adult

2. Adoption

Adoption is one of the key differences between an adult and a child attorney. Adoption cases attorneys also have some similarities with their adult attorney counterparts as you can either represent the child or the parent.

Social workers do most of the counseling work, but the child advocate has the mandate of entrusting the child to the right couple. The child should grow in a good family to have a smooth transition to adulthood.

Child advocacy lawyers are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to handle adoptions placement correctly.

3. Child Custody Cases

Divorce cases are coming up at an alarming every other day. For this reason, both sets of adult and child advocates have a lot of responsibility that comes with it. Many parents fail to come up with a good custody plan that befits both of them.

A petition is placed in either a family or juvenile court to determine the best way forward. An adult advocate will argue best for each of the parties to get the best deal to serve their interest. A third party can also be considered in an occasion whereby both parents are deemed unfit to have custody of the child.

In cases where a child is slightly mature, they are free to participate in the decision-making process. It’s, therefore, the child advocates responsibility to offer the best advice to the minor.

A child advocate lawyer has to consider the following when advising or representing a child;

• Parents moral character
• Investigate any patterns of child abuse
• The proximity of the child to friends, school and the community at large
• Parents’ willingness to corporate for their child’s wellbeing.

4. Juvenile Law

This is the main distinguishing factor between adult and child advocacy by lawyers. A lot of youth are rubbing shoulders with the law more often than ever. Lawyers representing minors find themselves with more work and responsibilities nowadays.

Juvenile law is the kind of law that applies to juveniles or in a simpler minor. All minors have a right to the assistance and help of a council during their case.

18 and under is the legal age that abides someone as a minor. The legal age of when to end a juvenile sentence is 21; most places though it sparks a lot of debate.

The age of criminal responsibility varies from one location to another. Some grave allegations can make a minor be charged as an adult. It’s up to the child advocacy lawyer to ensure that the court adheres to the underage person.

Whereas an adult advocacy lawyer works on preventing his or her client from getting the worst punishment possible, a child advocacy lawyer works on the best ways of reformation, education, and rehabilitation the minor can get.

It is essential for you to have vast knowledge in the field he or she is practicing to offer the best service possible. More info needs to be provided and best options analyzed.

5. Other Services That Child Advocacy Lawyers Offer That Distinguishes Them From Adult Advocates

Collecting and delivering child support payment-most parents paying child support are barred from having access to their kids for some reason. Due to this fact, a child advocacy lawyer plays a significant role in ensuring the needs of the kids are met. Ensures that the child support payment is done and delivered to the child on time.

Receive court documents and notices on the kid’s behalf- the lawyer makes sure that any legal information destined for the minor passes through his office. He then works on the best way forward to dissect and deliver the message.

Writing Recommendation To The Court-coming up with a court statement is not an easy task, especially to a child. It’s the advocate’s job to come up with the best recommendations to the court on the child’s behalf.
Requesting Hearings-should your client not come to terms with the judge’s recommendation it’s in the best interest for you to request another hearing for them.

Weighing In The Differences

Child advocacy lawyers have even more responsibility than adult lawyers. This is because they deal with clients in a vulnerable age group.

Children even have more reason for protection because they have a future to look up to that must be guarded at all cost.

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