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Customer Service

If you own a customer-facing business, then there are several elements that are critical to your shop design. You naturally want to invest in great lighting, sleek displays, and a user-friendly layout. However, have you ever thought about optimizing your bathrooms, too? While there are several components that you must include (such as a hand-washing station), [...]

59% of customers don’t return after a bad experience.  This is why perfecting your customer experience is crucial to your business’s longevity. A business should always consider ways to improve customer experience. But how do you do that? We’ve listed seven of the most effective ways to improve your customer experience and boost revenues. Keep [...]

By the year 2023, 22% of all sales globally will come through e-commerce. That means nearly a quarter of all your sales by then would need to come through your website. Is your sales volume matching those statistics? Sure, your business might have a website, how can any business survive without one. But have you [...]

Have you checked your basement lately? You might have some mold growing there. You might think it’s easy to get rid of. But what you might not know is that mold is a living organism. It grows best under certain conditions. Mold naturally occurs in your home, cars, offices, and other structures where you and your [...]

Are you hoping to get more customers walking through your door, but aren’t quite sure how to do it? To get more customers through your door, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on an expensive billboard or hang flyers all over town. There are a lot of simple things you can do [...]