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Guard Dogs Versus Protection Dogs: A Guide

It’s safe to say that dogs are a top pet choice for families. They can instantly brighten up your day and don’t require too much maintenance (depending on their size). 

Some families may have a dog strictly to have as a companion. However, dogs can also serve another purpose. They can also be used as guard dogs.

Over the years, there’s been a misconception about guard dogs and what they do because some often confuse them for protection dogs. But, in actuality, these dogs are very different.

Before starting your dog search, it’s essential to know the difference between these two types of dogs. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Different Training

One of the main differences between guard dogs and protection dogs is their training. Guard dogs are classified as working dogs that get trained to do a specific task.

For example, a police dog would be seen as a guard dog because they are trained to help identify suspects or illegal substances. A protection dog’s purpose is to protect your family or business in the event of a threat.

2. Specific Dog Breed

When choosing a dog for your family or business, you’ll need to figure out what type of dog breed you want. A protection dog can be any dog, even a small one, since its primary purpose is to watch out for potential threats.

However, if you want guard dogs, they should be one of the following breeds:

These dog breeds have personality and physical traits that make them the perfect animal to have on your premises. But they must undergo strict training to differentiate between friend or foe.

3. Personality

When it comes to the difference between guard and protection dogs, personality is critical. What exactly do you want in your dog? Do you want it to be social or there intimidate others?

Protection dogs are more sociable animals because they get integrated into the family and learn how to interact with other family members and friends. However, guard dogs do not get trained for socializing.

4. Sense of Smell

Although all dogs have a great sense of smell, guard dogs and protection dogs use them differently. Protection dogs rarely undergo any training to enhance their sense of smell to detect threats.

On the other hand, guard dogs get trained to detect certain smells and substances. That’s why some airport police officers have dogs that may sniff you to make sure you aren’t carrying anything illegal.

Do You Want Guard Dogs or Protection Dogs?

Now you know the difference between guard dogs and protection dogs. While both are great to have around, they serve different purposes.

So before selecting a dog for your family or business, consider the information above. It will help you figure out the type of dog you need and how it can help.

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