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How Often Should You Clean Your Office Windows?

Commercial Window Cleaning Services: How Often to Call

You want your office windows looking clean and clear. How often should you call window cleaning services? These factors influence how often to call the pros.

How clean are your office windows?

A good view and a good amount of natural light give the office a bright and lively atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, you gain or lose 25-30% of heat due to the condition of your windows.

While cleaning windows is not at the top of things to prioritize, they are still important as they leave impressions to your clients and those who pass by.

When cleaning windows, the question of how often you should clean windows doesn’t elicit a straightforward answer as expected. There are factors to consider when thinking about that.

So, when should you call for window cleaning services and how frequent should it be? Here are some things that you might want to think about for cleaning your office windows.

Location for Your Business

A thought for when to schedule for window cleaning services is to assess where your location is.

If your office building’s location is near the highway or on busy streets, your windows get dirty much faster due to the smoke and grime that gets accumulated every day.

This is not likely if your office location is within a quiet suburban area, where there’s close to little vehicular traffic. A company like LaborPanes specializes in cleaning windows in homes within suburban areas; ensuring thorough cleaning.

Landscaping and Environment

This is another consideration for cleaning your office windows. The surrounding area for your office may add factors, like the presence of trees and vegetation. Is your office near trees that drip sap? Is it near mulched areas? Is it near a parking lot?

If your answers to those questions are yes, having your office windows cleaned may be a bit more frequent than usual. The tendency is due to the debris that gets carried in the air that would get your windows dirty.


Weather conditions are another factor in knowing when to call for window cleaning services. If it’s rainier than usual, or if a storm has kicked up some leaves and debris, you will need to have the office windows cleaned and washed more often.

While it is a factor that gets overlooked, glass can be porous and mineral deposits from water can stain it badly. Worst case scenario, the stains can cause the glass to degrade. So consider having the windows cleaned to prevent the stains on the glass.

Structural Design

This is also a factor in having your office windows cleaned. If the architectural design of the building helps in making the company facility unique and stand out, some features would be very prone to dirt and debris.

Having a clear window can also and security for employees. Clearer, cleaner glass ensures employees can see when there is construction going on in the next area.

This is dependent on the window design. Inset windows, for example, are prone to collecting dust as time goes. Same is true with skylights if near wooded areas, being prone to leaves and mulch.

Compared to Other Businesses

We now have these considerations laid out for calling window cleaning services. Here is some information on how frequent other establishments have their windows cleaned.


With moisture and grease circulating in the air, the recommended frequency for restaurants to have their windows cleaned is about every two weeks or more. The cleaning has to be inside and out. This may also depend on the patrons served.

A family restaurant would tend to have children among the patrons. With fingerprints and stains on the windows left as is, not only does it look hideous but it also reflects badly on the restaurant. Having clean windows is key to giving off a good impression that reflects the image of the establishment.

Healthcare Facilities

With healthcare facilities (like hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices), they have to be spotless, well-maintained, and most importantly sterile.

This helps reflect a safe environment for conducting treatments. With this in mind, the frequency of cleaning should be monthly. Clean windows give confidence to patients that they are also well cared for.

Retail Stores

Now retail stores have a lot of foot traffic and due to this, the cleaning for these should also be monthly. Clean windows will allow passersby to see the products for sale, enticing them to come in and make a purchase.

When vying for repeat traffic and transactions, you need to have a perfect impression that entices potential customers. After all, these establishments have a lot of competitors. Having clean windows is key to getting the edge over the competition.

Now, How Often Do We Clean Them?

With those in mind, this begs the question: How often should we have our office windows cleaned?

Typically, office building windows don’t need that much cleaning. Office buildings require a full and at least twice a year. The lobbies are another story.

Due to being the first thing that people see upon entering the building, the cleaning for lobbies is at least once a month.

Now, that span of time tends to change as you would now consider the building’s design, weather, location, and environment. In this case, the frequency for calling window cleaning services will now vary.

However, remember that regardless of how frequent you should clean them, your clean windows will reflect the image of your company.

Grimy will turn them off and give the image of a company not doing well or a company that doesn’t care at all. Clean windows are part of what the people see on a clean facility.

Clean Windows for Clean Image. Get Cleaning!

Consider getting an appointment for professional window cleaning services. Get in touch with any of the maintenance personnel to have the overall building cleaning scheme.

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