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How to Build a Bright Summer Office Wardrobe

Sun lovers… We’ve got a very important announcement for you…

Summer is less than a month away!

That means weekends by the beach, late night barbecues, fun with friends and awesome summer office wear!

If you’re not pumping up your style between late June and early August every year, you are missing out.

Not sure how to build a bright summer wardrobe that you and all of your co-workers will love? Don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered.

Below are some simple tips that’ll take your summer style to new heights.

1. Accent With Colors

Office clothes usually mean a bunch of things that are black, white, grey, blah, blah boring!

Once summer rolls around, you can take those monotone outfits that you rely on and make them pop with (you guessed it) bright colors!

Wearing a black skirt today? Throw on a bright sun-yellow top!

White short-sleeve on the docket for this Thursday? Punch it up with patterned pencil skirt.

2. Floral Patterns are Way In

Summer means sun. Sun means flowers.

To help celebrate many flower species favorite time of year, sport some floral patterns on the things that you wear.

We’ve seen awesome pants, shirts, skirts and just about everything else tastefully incorporate floral. We’ve also seen a number of accessories celebrate all kinds of different blossoms.

Have a look around and pick up a few flower-inspired pieces that speak to you!

3. Casual Friday? Throw on a Sun Dress!

No summer office wear wardrobe is complete without occasionally sporting a sundress. Sundresses are flowy, bright and seriously feel like the physical embodiment of everything there is to love about the season.

Given sun dress’s cheery disposition, they may or may not be appropriate depending on your work environment.

If you’ve got casual Fridays at your office though (and you better have, at least during the summer) earmark a few of your favorite dresses and look forward to showing them off at the end of the week.

4. Layer Lightly

Can’t pick which summer-friendly colors you want to wear to the office? In cases like this, you may want to consider layering.

We get that summer heat can make layering difficult but working with light, removable layers makes for a good compromise.

In our opinion, a salmon pair of parachute pants, with a white blouse and a jean jacket is an outfit that you just can’t go wrong with!

5. Shoes

Need we even mention shoes? Colorful shoes that sport patterns like the ones Lillybee and other fashionistas push are well worth picking up and integrating into any fun outfit that you come up with.

Wrapping Up How to Build a Bright Summer Office Wear Wardrobe

Feeling inspired after going through our summer office wear suggestions? Great!

Get off your computer, get over to your local mall and start shopping!

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