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How To Get Your Business Listing Updated on Google

According to a survey, 59% of shoppers admitted to using Google to research a purchase they plan to make online or in-store. The survey further showed more than 50% of consumers use Google to discover a new brand.

Also known as your business profile, a Google business listing is a free listing you create to make your business visible in more local searches. Your google my business profile also helps your business rank higher than competitors in search engines.

You’ll need to optimize and maintain your business listing to remain at the top of search results. This article helps you learn how to get your business listing updated on Google.

When Moving Your Business

The more you plan when moving your business operation, the better. Consider running a Google search on the new address at least three months before you move.

Doing so gives you more insight into some vital Google search and map information. Such information includes whether your Google Street View correctly represents the new location.

You can also check if the nearby streets are correctly mapped and whether the driving directions work as they should on google maps.

Remember that Google maps and Street View function separately from Google My Business. So, submit feedback to Google if you face any issues with directions, map features, or physical address.

Update your current business listing address after you’re officially operating out of your new location. Avoid creating a new listing but rather update your business profile information.

When Selling Your Business or Location

There are various options at your disposal to update your business listing when you decide to sell your business or location. First, you can send access to the business listing to the new owner.

This allows the new owner to control the public information about the business operation. 

When Buying a Business

When buying a business, various factors go into consideration. These factors include naming, changes in operation, and branding.

It’s recommendable to create your new business listing on Google if the new business will differ significantly in any of the areas mentioned above. You can keep the current business listing if you won’t be changing much of the details after taking over the business.

Remember that you’ll also take over any previous ratings and business reviews. You can learn ways to improve your business reviews using this resource.

If the previous owner cannot transfer access to the listing, you can request access within Google Business Profile.

Updating Your Business Listing

You’ll need to put the best foot forward regarding your business’s online presence. If you’re more active on the platform, you send more signals to Google that your business listing is trustworthy.

The more trustworthy you are, the higher your rankings on Google maps and local Google searches will be. When your business ranks high, you increase the chances of getting more traffic, hence increased sales.

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