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How to Start a Startup: A Step-by-step Guide to Starting a Business from Scratch

There are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, and we want to join in on the action.

However, starting a small business is easier said than done; only half survive after 5 years. 

But don’t worry, here is a guide to show us how to start a startup that thrives.  

1. Start Small to Grow Big

Seed packets are sold with a pretty picture of their advertised plant on the front. However, we don’t need to buy five seed packets to get five plants. 

Rather, all we need is one or two little packs of seeds to grow a basketful of food.

When we’re starting a business from scratch, it is wise to be like a seed and start small.

Starting out small might mean being patient and saving up before we start in order to avoid unnecessary debt which can make our startup riskier and harder to maintain.

If we don’t want to wait, then perhaps we can start a startup that isn’t expensive in the first place. Here is a list of businesses we can start for less than $100.

And remember, just because we start small, doesn’t mean we’ll stay small.

2. Take Your Business Online

Regardless of how big or small we start, we need to maximize our potential for growth. We can do this by eliminating unnecessary costs. 

What if our startup had no rent, no gas expenses, and absolutely no commute at all? 

These are only a few of our benefits when we choose to launch a startup via the internet. And the market is just as available: 2019 is predicted to have nearly 2 billion online buyers.

However, while the steps to starting an online business may seem complicated, they can be made easier.

Consider hiring a web design service, such as Optuno, and while good services aren’t free, they’re way less expensive than rent. 

If we already have a great website, check out these 8 Business Growth Strategies to help you succeed online.

3. Market to Your Target Audience

The number one reason startups fail is that there is no need for the product in the market. While this statistic may be true for some startups, it doesn’t have to be true for all.

The key to making our startup needed is to make sure our products and services reach the people who actually need them.

Depending on who our target audience is, we will need to research and adjust our advertising methods to effectively reach them. 

4. Provide Great Service

Not all steps to launch a startup cost money. In fact, this next one is free. 

86 percent of customers are willing to pay more for positive customer experience. Simultaneously, 44 percent of buyers stopped buying from a company because of bad customer service.

Providing great service doesn’t cost anything; the only thing required is integrity. 

By having a positive attitude and being patient with customers, we are establishing trust among our buyers and helping our startup stand out.

Final Thoughts on How To Start A Startup

While starting a startup can be challenging, it is certainly not impossible. If it was, then small businesses wouldn’t be employing nearly half of workers in the United States.

However, the best way to fail at starting a startup is to never try.

Even if we don’t succeed at first, there is still a great opportunity for us to learn. And when we learn, we grow—and so will our startup.

We can give you more tips to help you discover how to start a startup that lasts. Check out our blog for more business advice!