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How to Tell if Your Sewage Plumbing Needs Repairs

How to Tell if You’ve Got Sewer Problems

There is perhaps nothing more vital to the health and safety of your home than a functioning sewage system. Since most of the components are underground, it’s hard to tell if it’s functioning properly. But this guide will help you figure out if you’ve got sewer problems.

There are few problems more annoying than a sewage pipe burst.

While in some cases, the signs of issues with your sewer system or pipes can be pretty obvious, in other cases, the may be a bit harder to spot.

Don’t worry — we’re here to help you to figure it all out, and learn how to get things cleaned up once and for all.

In this post, we’ll help you to identify five of the most common signs of sewer problems.

From a sudden appearance of a particularly lush patch in your garden to slow draining times, you’ll know exactly what to look out for in the future.

1. Something Stinks

Of course, you will be able to notice the signs of a sewage pipe burst due to some seriously unpleasant smells.

But what most people don’t realize is that you should also be sniffing for the smell of leaking gas. This is a major indication that you have some sort of a sewage leak in your home.

This is because your system, when working properly, is completely airtight. The only time there should be any air is at the very top of the vents on your roof, which helps the sewage to properly drain.

So, if you smell even a hint of gas, get professional help immediately.

If left untreated, sewage gas can lead to many health problems, including possible asphyxiation and even hydrogen sulfide poisoning.

2. There’s Mold Growth

Have you spotted patches of black, green, and blue mold growing on your ceiling or around your pipes?

Do you see dots of mildew on your walls?

If so, you’re probably dealing with some serious sewer problems.

A cracked sewer pipe can cause your home’s overall humidity levels to skyrocket. If left untreated, this can quickly compromise the structure of your home. This can lead to some costly repairs.

It can also impact the health and safety of the people living in your home.

Just like the smell of gas, mold growth is something that you need to take seriously and act quickly on.

Mold can cause serious health issues, especially if there are children or elderly people living in your home. It can also compromise your immune system and worsen the symptoms of asthma.

3. Your Water bill is Through the Roof

While no one enjoys paying their water bill every month, a sudden spike in your bill is one of the most common signs of a sewage leak in your home or commercial building.

We know that it’s also the number one reason for you to take action to correct the problem.

After all, the bill is higher because your system will need to run more water through the pipes just to allow you to take a shower, flush the toilet, or use the sink at your normal rate.

This can cause your water bill to rise in even as little as a single month. You might also notice that the pressure in your shower has gone way down, or that sometimes, it takes much longer than usual to turn on at all.

If you suspect this is the issue, get it taken care of as soon as you can.

This will help to get your water bills back to more manageable levels.

4. Your Drain is Clogged

Have you realized that your drainage system is taking much longer than usual?

Do you need to flush your toilet several times before everything finally leaves the bowl?

What about your sinks and bathtubs — have you noticed that it takes them a while to drain completely?

This is a clear sign of a sewage pipe burst or another issue.

There might even be a tree root in the way of your sewer line. This is certainly an issue where you should seek the assistance of a professional sewer repairs company.

Remember that taking the DIY approach isn’t just dangerous, it can also make the problem much worse. You might think that pouring bleach and other chemical drainers in your sink or toilet will do the trick.

However, these can often end up just doing more harm to the already broken pipes.

Leave it to the pros.

5. Your Yard has Never Looked Better

Sure, this is a pretty funny sign of sewer problems, but it’s a great indicator nonetheless.

Remember that, gross as it seems, sewage is an excellent fertilizer.

So, if you haven’t done anything to your yard recently, but notice that new weeds and flowers are cropping up everywhere?

It could be a sign that there’s some sewer leakage going on.

The same thing goes if you notice that your lawn or your sidewalk/driveway has developed some serious cracks lately. This means that there’s probably a leak in the sewer line itself, which can cause your soil to start to shift.

If you notice an indentation or new small bump in your yard, it could be a sewer issue.

Need Help with your Sewer Problems?

Thanks to this post, you now know some of the most common signs of sewer problems.

From a stinky gas smell to the sight of mold growing on your walls and ceilings, you need to take quick action to stop the problem from getting worse.

Need professional assistance when it comes to fixing a sewage leak and other issues?

Let us help you to find reliable and experienced professionals who can pinpoint the issue right away.

We’ll connect you with the tips you need to find the right assistance.

Then, be sure to keep reading our blog to learn how to keep both your home and your business running smoothly.