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Selling Your Home to Start a Business? Here’s How to Get Your House Ready to Sell!

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell so You Can Start a Business

There are many ways to fund your business. Selling your home is one. If you’re 100% ready to say goodbye to your home so you can start your business, you can learn how to get your house ready to sell here.

In a rush to sell your house? Do your business aspirations depend on the income from selling your home?

The money from selling your assets can help fund your business ventures. And, selling fast means you can start working sooner. If you’re at a loss for where to start, don’t worry.

Quick-selling your house isn’t as stressful as it seems.

Read the following five tips to know how to get your house ready to sell.

1. Repairs

It’s understandable if you don’t want to put money into a house you’re trying to sell fast. You might be selling because you don’t have extra money for repairs and renovations.

Here’s the thing: You can make more money from the sale if the house is worth more. Simple repairs and renovations increase your house’s value.

Decide on a budget that you can afford to put towards repairs.

Here are some common repairs that will increase your house’s value:

  • Install dimmers to all light switches
  • Level the floors
  • Add energy-efficient fixtures
  • Update the bathroom vanity

Your bathroom and kitchen are the true money-makers. If there are obvious repairs needed in either of these rooms, focus your budget there.

2. Deep Clean

There is nothing grosser than walking into an open house and seeing another person’s dirt. As a buyer, you can’t picture yourself living in the old owner’s filth.

Ensuring your house is 100% clean will attract more buyers.

If you have the money, hire a professional cleaning service to tackle the whole house. Top to bottom, floor to ceiling needs to be sparkling.

You can also deep clean it yourself. But, consider creating a checklist of everything you need to clean so you don’t miss anything.

Here are some areas we often forget about:

  • Baseboards
  • Refrigerator drawers (if you’re leaving the appliances)
  • Drains in your sinks and showers
  • Cobwebs in ceiling windows
  • Under the furniture

It’s shocking how much dirt accumulates in these areas of the house. The simple task of deep cleaning will allow buyers to see themselves living there.

Outdoor Deep Cleaning

The same tips apply to your front and backyards.

Make sure the windows are clean, the eavesdrop cleared out, and patios swept. You don’t have to have beautiful patio furniture or new gardens. But, potential buyers should see the potential in the space.

Remove old flower pots, garbage, and unwanted items.

You should also mow the lawn before an open house. Either do it yourself or hire a landscaping company to do it professionally.

3. Organize

Your home is set up for your lifestyle. That might not be the same lifestyle as your buyer.

For example, if you have kids you may have toys everywhere and a giant open space in the living room for them to play. A buyer who doesn’t have children won’t appeal to a layout like this.

Speak to a staging company about how to arrange your home for viewings.

You want your home to feel welcoming, big, and spacious. This may mean putting the bulkier furniture in storage. Or, rearranging it so it makes sense for any lifestyle.


There are a few additions and subtractions you want to consider to make your house more appealing to buyers.

The first is adding flowers and plants. People like spaces with natural elements. They liven up spaces and make it feel more vibrant.

The second is removing personal memorabilia, like family portraits. This goes back to wanting the buyer to be able to picture themselves living there. Your family pictures and kids’ crafts on the fridge deter buyers.

Third, set the dinner table. You don’t have to go out and buy new dishware. But, setting it with your nicest pieces will make the home feel warm and welcoming.

4. Advertise

There are many ways you can advertise your sale. For a quick sale, you depend on spreading awareness.

If you aren’t using a real estate agent and their resources for advertising, you need to use every platform you have. This means posting it on social media and asking your friends and family to repost. You should use selling websites like Craigslist to advertise as well.

Putting up flyers around your city can be helpful, but it’s also time-consuming. Stick to digital advertising to garner interest faster.

And, make sure the photos you take of your home are top quality. They need to look professional and realistic. Don’t use sneaky tricks to make your house look bigger than it is.

Be realistic and professional with your pictures so potential buyers aren’t disappointed when they see it in person.

Consider reaching out to local house flipping businesses. These privately funded companies can often pay cash for a quick sale. You can learn more about it on this blog.

5. Price Appropriately

It’s crucial you don’t under or overprice your house. If you overprice it, it won’t sell. If you under-price it, you won’t get the return on investment you deserve.

It can be tempting to lowball the price to sell the house faster. But, that could backfire if buyers notice it’s cheaper than any other house in the neighborhood. It could signal to them that there’s something wrong with the house.

Start your pricing research by seeing how much your neighbor’s houses are selling for. How long do their houses stay on the market at those prices?

You may want to hire a real estate agent solely for their knowledge on house prices. They’ll help you negotiate offers and set a successful price.

Still Wondering How to Get Your House Ready to Sell?

Starting a new business is expensive. Many people sell their homes so that they can fund their new venture.

If you want to sell your house to raise money for your business, you need to sell fast. Use the tips listed above to learn how to get your house ready to sell quickly.

To learn more about starting a business, real estate, and entrepreneurship, check out our blog.