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Learning from the Best: 5 eCommerce Marketing Tips From the World’s Top Online Retailers

In 2017, e-commerce retail sales in the United States reached a whopping $504 million. These numbers are expected to reach $735 million in 2023.

New online stores are popping up every day, but not all of them succeed. Competition is fierce and customers are impatient. To attract and keep them, you need a fast, simple website, high-quality product, and 5-star customer service.

Marketing your new online store can be challenging in a sea of e-commerce retailers. Even the top sellers have made their fair share of mistakes and learned valuable lessons on the way.

Curious to learn the secrets to the success of top online retailers? Read on to discover what they did to market their business and reach new customers.

1. Customize the Shopper’s Browsing Activity

Popular online stores like Amazon use the customer’s browsing activity to show similar items, previously viewed items, or trending items. These are usually displayed on the right sidebar or right below the main item the customer’s watching. 

Let’s say a customer landed on your online clothing store and is viewing a shirt. You can lead the shopping further by offering an item that goes well with that shirt, a similar style, or the entire look of the model.

2. Display a ‘Free Shipping’ Banner

If you don’t offer free shipping, you’re missing out on valuable customers. All successful eCommerce businesses display a flashy banner on their website to offer customers free shipping once they reach a certain amount.

Most customers will purposely buy more stuff just to reach the free shipping limit, so make sure this message is loud and clear on every page.

3. Give Something for Free

Giving away a small item for free as a gift to the customer will cost you next to nothing, but it’ll get you loyal, happy shoppers.

Some of the best online shopping websites like Sephora do this with every purchase. They give free samples at checkout to stimulate a sense of reward with the customer.

4. Have an Eye-Catching Slider

No matter what the customer came to buy, if you have an eye-catching slider on your website featuring great offers, you’ll hook them right in.

Take for example the Walmart eCommerce slider. As soon as you open the page, you’ll see the best deals, discounts, and new arrivals front and center. This helps the customers take action and stay on the website longer.

5. Take High-Quality Photos of the Product

Online retail stores have to rely on visuals in order to attract customers. This starts at the website design, newsletters, social media graphics, and most importantly, the images of the product.

Product photos must be high-quality and represent the product exactly as it is in real life. Take several different photos of the product from different angles, showcase the ingredients if possible, and film a video with the product in action.

Now You Know the Marketing Secrets of Top Online Retailers

Online shopping is slowly but surely replacing in-store shopping. It’s fast, convenient, and time-saving in the long run.

If you want to join the top online retailers and sell your products all over the country, follow these marketing tips for a successful, fast-growing eCommerce store.

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