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Look Him Dead in the Eye: How to Buy Fresh Fish That’s Worth the Price

When was the last time you had fish? Hopefully, it was recently as it’s one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

Fish is a superior alternative to regular cholesterol-laden meat. Plus, the omega-3s in fish show promise in boosting heart health, brain power, and your mood.

Up to 50% of shoppers say the fish market section of the grocery store helps them decide where to shop. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your store’s selection, we’ve got the answer for you.

Read this guide to determining the quality of the fish and seafood at your local market. You’ll be a fresh fish pro in no time!

How Fresh are the Fillets?

When buying fresh seafood, most people start with the fillets. This is a good choice, but there are ways that some fishmongers disguise a less than fresh fish.

First off, the flesh should be vibrant and whole. If it’s falling apart, that’s a good sign that the fish is old and is starting to decay.

Another sign of freshness? Any skin that’s left on the fillet should be shiny.

The smell is the true tell. Ask the fishmonger if you can touch and smell the fish.

The scent should be clean, like the ocean, and the flesh should be firm.

Clams, Mussels, Oysters, and Other Shellfish

All shellfish like oysters and mussels should be sold live at the market. Because of this, there’s a trick to tell how fresh it is.

Leave it on the countertop and back away. After a moment, give it a tap.

If it closes up tighter, it’s reacting to you and very fresh.

Another way to tell if the shellfish is good to eat is to see which ones have opened and which remained closed during cooking. If they’re still closed, throw them away; they were dead before they reached the pot.

Shrimp, Crab, and Lobster

If you live in a region that brings in shrimp regularly, buy them with the heads still attached. Frozen shrimp is perfectly fine as their hard shells protect the delicious meat inside.

The sight of the fish market lobster tanks is a familiar one. To see if yours has the freshest catch, check to see that the water is clear and the lobster is active.

Feel intimidated by the crabs in the crate and the lobster in the tank? Crab Dynasty will always ensure you get the freshest catch delivered straight to your front door.

Buying a Whole Fish

When purchasing a whole fish, go right for the eyes. Make sure the fish you’re looking at has shiny, clear eyes.

Their flesh should smell clean, feel firm, and still be metallic, just like when buying a fillet.

Bright red gills indicate a fresh catch. If the eyes and the gills of the fish are taken off and they all smell like vinegar, walk away.

Find the Perfect Fresh Fish

Fish is truly one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Now that you know how to purchase fresh fish, you can start adding it to many dishes.

Just make sure you don’t microwave it in the office break room!

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