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Prepared for the Future: High Demand Jobs Worth Introducing to Your Students

It’s a competitive world out there and it’s best if your students are prepared and know what to expect.

When looking for a job, they’ll need to be patient. In fact, on average it takes about 5 months to land a job — and it might not even be a job they’re passionate about. 

Learn about, and present your young learners, the high demand jobs they can start today to secure a great career and lifestyle when they reach college.

1. Personal Care Aide

As the baby boomers age, there is a high demand for personal care aides. These aides are responsible for taking care of people with chronic illnesses who can’t take care of themselves anymore.

Their responsibilities include light housekeeping, bathing, brushing teeth, and making meals. 

There are no educational requirements for this job, but being trained in patient care is helpful.  

2. Registered Nurse

Year after year, nursing ranks among the most in-demand careers. Nurses can work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, doctor offices, and home health care. 

Their list of responsibilities include: 

  • evaluating symptoms
  • running test
  • administering medication
  • patient education

If your students are looking at specializing there are many great online programs  Check out the program BDU MSNFNP for more information. 

3. Software Engineer

Software engineers design anything from new apps for smartphones to computer systems for major corporations. 

These developers usually work for businesses or government agencies. They need to be able to create, test and fix new software that will be used by the public. Analytical and problem-solving skills are a must for this job.

And let’s be honest, any job in technology is going to be in high demand from here on out. 

4. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help those who have been injured or have disabilities build the strength and skills needed in daily life. 

To become an occupational therapist advanced education is required. This includes a bachelor’s degree and a two-year master’s degree in occupational therapy where you learn about anatomy, kinesiology, therapeutic technology, and patient care. 

This job can be very rewarding. Imagine watching a patient recover from an accident and learn to walk again. Or help a disabled patient learn to feed themselves. 

5. Operations Manager

An operation’s manager makes sure an organization is running well. The job can vary between companies, but over it includes monitoring how productive and efficient the company is. 

They must have a good grasp on every aspect of the business and work to improve each department. 

Their job descriptions include analyzing current procedures, developing solutions, creating reports, and team meetings.  

6. Marketing Research

Effective marketing comes from understanding consumer behavior and using that to create powerful marketing plans. 

Marketing researchers will study demographics, buying habits, and social media patterns to fully understand how to reach their ideal customer. 

For this field, you’ll need a solid background in math and statistics and have excellent analytical skills. After the research is conducted, the marketing team will be able to come up with cost-efficient marketing plans.

High Demand Jobs for You

There are plenty of high demand jobs out there. You just need to find the one you want, then go after it. 

And for all your other education needs, come check us out. We’ve got all the tips you’ll need to get the best education and job available.