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How to Find the Best Landscaper

According to a report by IBIS World, there are 505,643 landscaping businesses in operation in the US. 

That’s a lot of landscapers. If you are considering getting your yard tricked out, then it is of the utmost importance that you choose a good landscaping contractor. A lot can go wrong during a landscaping project, and if you are not careful, you may end up footing the bill and the inconvenience. 

If you are already getting stressed at the thought of hiring the wrong contractor – relax. Because we are about to share with you just how to go about finding a professional landscaping service. One that will transform your yard without you having to suffer any headaches or contractor hassles.

Wanna find out how to find a landscaper that will give you your dream yard with no nightmares? If so read on!

Get Clear on What You Need

The first thing to do when beginning the search for a great contractor is to get clear on what exactly you want. 

Do you want a full landscaping project undertaken? Are you removing trees? Are there any structures involved in your plans? 

On the other hand, maybe you just want your garden neatened up. Or maybe all you need is a regular lawn service. 

Whatever your needs are, once you know what you want it will be easier to that specialize in what you need. 

Besides specialized landscapers, you can also go with a landscaper that can handle almost all your regular home landscaping needs, such as this lawn care company.

Find out How Long Potential Contractors Have Been in Business

A great way to gauge whether a landscaping company is reliable and skilled is to find out how long it has been in business. landscapers that have been in the business for a long time will usually be able to provide and good service and will know what they are doing.

Of course, some newer companies may enter the market with a leading edge and also be capable of providing great service. If you like the look of a new company, do not rule them out solely based on the time that they have been in business. Instead, check to see if they meet any of the other criteria below. 

Inquire About Bonding, Licensing, and Insurance

Some of the first questions to ask potential landscaping contractors is if they have insurance, bonding, and a license. 

Most states have mandatory licenses for landscapers. If a company does not have the correct license for the work they are going to undertake for you – this is a big warning sign. You can double check whether or not a company is actually licensed by checking with your state’s licensing board. 

For most work in and around your home is it wise to go with a contractor that has insurance. This way, if anything goes wrong, such as a tree falling on your roof, or stones hitting your windows, you won’t be the one footing the bill. 

Ask for Guarantees

Most good landscaping companies will give guarantees on their work, especially if it is structural landscaping. 

A guarantee is an indication that a company knows what they are doing and that what they undertake for you will stand the test of time (with expected maintenance).

Ask for References

Make sure that you ask all the landscaping companies that you are considered for references from past clients. 

Hot tip: Before you do this, also ask them how many jobs they have completed in the last year. If they name a high amount, but can only produce a couple of references – you will know that many of the jobs they did might not have been satisfactory. 

Ask to See Photos of Past Work

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a few photos of past work could save you hundreds of dollars in landscaping. Seeing photos of a company’s previous work is a great way to gauge their level of professionalism and whether their style of design suits your tastes. 

Ask If They Have Specialists

A great indication of a top-notch landscaping contractor is if they have specialists on their team. For general lawn trimming a specialist is not necessary. But for things like tree trimming, planting, and felling, you may want to have an arborist on your side. 

If you are dealing with a contractor that specializes in tree care, they should have an arborist on the team that is certified with the International Society of Arboriculture.

Find out If They Use Subcontractors

A key question to ask landscaping services is whether they use subcontractors and if so, for what portions of the work. If they hire in too many subcontractors, you have no way of knowing if they are all legit and will do a good job. It also indicates that the landscaping company may lack the skills and know-how for the project. 

For large landscaping jobs, it is quite normal for landscaping companies to hire in earth moving subcontractors or other specialized teams. But if the scope of the project is relatively simple, hiring more than one or two subcontractors is a warning sign. 

Only Close the Deal Once You Know All the Details

Once you have isolated the best landscaping services and have received their bids, make sure that you know all the details before you sign a contract with any of them. 

This includes:

  • The timeframe in which the job will be completed.
  • What parts of the project will be happening when?
  • How the different components of the landscaping project will be undertaken.
  • What end result will look like.

If the contractor has promised to throw in any freebies to incentivize you, then make sure to get these in writing along with the above information.

Now You Know How to Find a Professional Landscaping Service

Getting in contractors can be a notoriously stressful thing. And while gardening may be one of the best , DIYing a landscaping job may not be the best idea. Fortunately, you can easily leave it to the experts, now that you how exactly how to go about finding a professional landscaping service.

If you also happen to be on the lookout for other contractors for your home, check out our guide to finding the .