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Rocking Your Brand Identity: 8 Cool Packaging Ideas for Your Online Retail Store

Unboxing is more than a fad. This wildly popular social media trend is quickly becoming a cultural movement,

Savvy web-retailers are taking full advantage of the unboxing trend by getting creative with their packaging. It is doing wonders for boosting their brands.

Creating stylish and unique packaging may seem like a luxury reserved only for massive companies. But there are dozens of tools available to help small business owners up their packaging game.

Ready to dip your toes in the unboxing fad with fancy new packaging but aren’t sure where to start?

Here are eight cool packaging ideas to help boost your brand and take your online retail business to the next level.

1. Start Outside the Box

Brown paper packages may have been one of our favorite things, but nowadays you can do so much better than a plain old box.

In the modern “unboxing” world, if you want to make an impression on your customers and boost your business’s brand, you need to think outside the box.

While there’s nothing wrong with a box, modern packaging methods make using more creative shapes simpler than ever before.

Depending on your business, you can ditch the old fashioned cube for a tasteful vintage hat-box style or even something with a handle.

The goal is to have your packaging reflect your company. So, try to work what makes your business unique into your packaging design.

2. Get Personal

Everyone likes feeling appreciated and that rings true for your customers.

It’s impossible for you to take the time out of your day to create a handwritten thank you note for each of your orders. But adding a little something to let your customers know you appreciate them can do wonders for your brand.

Most consumers prefer to do their shopping online these days. But that doesn’t mean they don’t still appreciate basic human pleasantries. Adding a thank you that refers to the customer by name, or mentions an item ordered, will let them know you appreciate them.

3. Take My Card

A customer placed an order — that means they’ll probably order from you again, right? Don’t be so sure!

Depending on how your customer found you — they may not remember the name of your business despite having spent money in your store. But when you’re packing up their order, you have a golden opportunity to remind them exactly who you are.

Adding your business card or other promotional material to your orders is a fantastic way to help your customer remember your name. And by increasing brand recognition, you improve the chances of those customers shopping with you again.

4. Tasteful Tissue

There’s something nostalgic about old-school packaging methods.

Colorful paper bags filled to the brim with skillfully placed tissue paper is still a standard at a lot of high-end physical retailers. So why shouldn’t you borrow some of those tactics for your online store?

Wrapping or covering your customer’s order in tissue paper can add a touch of timeless class to your packaging.

Whether you decide to wrap each item and fasten it with a customized sticker, or loosely cover the entire order in a pillow of decorative paper is up to you. Whatever method you choose, your customers will appreciate the touch.

5. Fill ‘er Up!

One of the most important parts of designing packaging for your online store is making sure your customer’s order gets to them in one piece. Which means, using padding or filler to keep the products secure in their box.

While tissue paper is a classic, there are other ways to cushion and protect items before shipping.

From shredded paper to environmentally friendly bubble wrap, there are dozens of options to choose from these days. But you want to make sure whatever filler you pick reflects your company both in style and in substance.

As an extra tip, try to use colors from your company’s logo, or a complementary color, to make your branding stand out.

6. Everyone Likes Stickers

Want to add a little personalization to every order you send out, but are short on time and funds? That’s why we have stickers.

Designing custom stickers is pretty on par with logo design in its level of difficulty. And stickers can be much cheaper than investing in a bunch of extra decorative packaging supplies.

If your business already has a logo (as it should!), then all that’s left to do is order a few spools of stickers.

While it may not seem like much, a single hand-placed sticker can be enough to let your customers know you care — which can be enough to boost your reputation.

7. Two Uses Are Better Than One

Minimalism and environmental concerns are on the rise. Because of this, a lot of online retailers are trying to cut back on the amount of waste their products and packaging generate.

One of the best ways to cut back on waste is by using packaging that your customers can use again once they’ve received their order.

From paper products that can grow wildflowers, to packages that double as works of art, there are dozens of ways to give your boxes a second life.

8. Leave Your Mark

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So why not cover your packaging in an image to help spread your brand in a thousand different ways?

If you look at some of the most successful online retailers today, you’ll notice that most of their packaging has their logo printed right on the box.

Some companies go above and beyond and include an image that incorporates their logo and reflects that company’s theme or message.

While the extra effort to design packages may seem unnecessary, it can be a fantastic way to market your business and strengthen your brand.

Packaging can be a powerful tool in strengthening your brand. If you still doubt the power a shipping container has, you can read more about CPG marketing here.

More Cool Packaging Ideas

Packaging products don’t have to be boring. With these cool packaging ideas, you can create the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers.

Now that you know how to take your packaging to the next level it’s time to get creative and come up with a unique packaging design for your business.

If you’re looking for more helpful articles on packaging solutions or growing your small business, we can help.

We have dozens of tips to help you create a more successful business. Check them out today.