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8 Law Firm Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Practice

The legal field is by far, one of the vastest professions.  

Our society is litigious, and people need the help of legal pros that know how to speak the language. Because there are lots of lawyers, consumers have lots of options. 

If you’re trying to crack through and make some noise this year, you need some law firm marketing strategies that will set your practice apart from the rest. This is an area of interest that you’ll need to put time and effort into each and every day. 

With this in mind, follow these marketing tips so that you get a jump on your competitors. 

1. Offer a Free Service Based on Your Specialty

Everybody likes free. 

When you offer free services based on the legal specialty that you stick to, people will make the connection and may give you future business. For example, if you’re a DUI lawyer, offer free rides to people on New Year’s Eve, Cinco de Mayo, and other holidays where partying is a priority. 

Chances are great that you’ll drum up some business before the night is over. 

If you’re a business attorney, offer a tax review to businesses at the start of each calendar year. Once they take advantage of the free service and realize that you’re great at your job, they’ll likely hire you for services for the rest of the year. 

A little bit of extra effort on the front end will help you out greatly in the long run. 

2. Give Out Free Swag Whenever and Wherever Possible

Again, people like free!

Create some orders of free merchandise that will make your brand memorable. Pens, notebooks, bags, and t-shirts are always big winners in the world of free swag. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative as well. 

For instance, if your branding nickname is “The Hammer”, order some custom decorated hammers with your contact info on them, and give them out for people to use for their spring cleaning and home improvement projects. 

When you stay on people’s minds, they are more likely to do business with you. 

3. Talk Shop on a Podcast or Video Channel

This is the information age, and people are sponges with the multimedia that they take in. Podcasts and vlogs are some of the best free content that you can dish out to the public, and it can get you a huge following. 

Make sure that your theme and purpose are clear before you start creating your vlog or podcast. 

For instance, if you’re a family law attorney that is passionate about father’s rights, you can sound off every week on a podcast geared toward this subject. Because listeners will be informed and connect with you on an emotional level, they’ll reach out to you for advice when they need it, and will tell their friends and family members about you. 

4. Regularly Create Stellar Blog Content

In the world of marketing, close to 60% of professionals state that blog content is their top priority for getting inbound traffic. 

Because blogs are still a hot item, make sure that you open one up and link it to your law firm website. The more blog content you create, the better traction you’ll get throughout the web. 

This will establish your brand and will show the public that you are an authority at the things you talk about and practice. 

5. Improve Your Website Every Step of the Way

Sound web design is still one of the best law firm marketing practices that you can follow. 

It’s easier to retain business and spread a good word about your content when you have a great web presence. A poorly done website is quick to chase people away and denote that you aren’t as professional as your competition. 

Work with a web designer that can always help you with upgrades and redesigns. 

6. Keep Boosting Your Search Engine Optimization

Focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to market your law firm. 

When you have excellent Google rankings, it’s flat out easier for people to find you. The more you learn about keywords and the like, the better marketing potential your company will have. 

7. Hone in on Your Brand and What Makes You Unique

Your personal brand is what will garner attention when you are putting your marketing plans together. 

When you know yourself, you’re better able to stay on message and attract clients. Knowing your brand also helps you think outside the box and get creative with your marketing. 

People are attracted to well-done content, so keep honing in on what makes you unique, and you’ll be more creative with your approach. 

8. Use Artificial Intelligence Wisely

When you want to compete with today’s way of marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) should be part of your strategy. 

Implementing solid AI keeps your company’s site and brand viable around the clock. People can stop by and have questions answered by chatbots. This means you won’t lose business and can make better use of your time. 

Put These Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Use

These law firm marketing tips will guide you and allow you to make your brand more prominent. These tips, in particular, will be useful to you whenever you are trying to grow your business. 

We’ve got you covered when you’re in research mode, trying to gain an edge on your competition. 

Stick to our content any time that you need law firm marketing tips.