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Stylizing Spaces: How to Become an Interior Designer

You’ve always had an eye for details when it comes to arranging and decorating rooms. You’ve had friends and family tell you that you should consider being an interior designer all your life but you never got too serious about it. Until now anyway.

It takes a lot of hard work and studying to get into this career field but if you can make it big, those sleepless nights will be more than worth it. To help you get your foot in the door to this exciting job decision, here is everything that you need to know about becoming an interior designer.

1. Earn Your Degree

Before you can start work you have to earn your qualifications. Most firms want you to have a bachelors degree at the very least. This degree must be in the job field or be closely related. For example, if you majored in drawing but took coursework in interior design to go with it then that will do. 

2. Pass the Qualification Exam

Not all states require you to have your license in interior design but enough of them do for you to want to take the qualification exam regardless. 

To qualify to take this exam you’ll need to have your bachelors degree and at least two years of on hands training.  

3. Do Some Projects

Now that you’ve passed your exam, it’s time for you to learn more about the current design trends going on in the world and start getting work. You’ll need experience to start getting experience though so you may have to do a bunch of little jobs before you get hired by a firm. 

Offer up your services to friends in family in exchange for taking pictures for your portfolio or do some designing for a few non-profit organizations. 

4. Build Your Portfolio 

Most employers are going to want you to turn in a well-crafted, professional portfolio along with your resume. Be sure that you take quality photographs of all the little side projects that you do.

On top of the photos, you also want to include any sketches and designs that you draw up. 

5. Always Be on the Look Out for Education Opportunities 

Just because you’ve finished school doesn’t mean you should stop trying to learn new things about the industry. You can attend conferences that will inform you about the new trends going on.

Many colleges will offer programs where you can get a certificate in a particular branch of interior designing. You’ve got options. 

How to Become the Best Interior Designer That You Can Be 

Becoming an interior designer is a lot of hard work and studying. You’ll also have to do little jobs for a while, build up your portfolio, and stay in the know about industry trends. If you follow these exact steps though then you will be well on your way to the field in no time. 

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