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The Perfect Animal Companion: 9 Best Low Maintenance Pets For Apartments

Nowadays, it seems like everybody has a pet, but not everybody has low maintenance pets for apartments. This statement is backed up by many reasons. Pets are known for entertainment.

It feels great to have a pet as your companion at home. Pets have been extensively beneficial to most people. Regarding benefit, a pet has to be of a perfect fit for you.  

People usually go for pets like cats and dogs. Cats and Dogs are hard to maintain. Some people otherwise go for pets that are easy to take care of.

Considering your living condition is a very vital thing when it comes to getting a pet — pets like spacious houses with comfortable rooms and a yard. If you live in an apartment, taking care of such pets is going to be a problem.

Since you don’t have much space in your apartment, you’ll be limited to the type of pet you should keep and therefore opt low maintenance pets for apartments.

Low Maintenance Pets for Apartments

Large pets or dogs are not appropriate pets to everyone. Some people don’t have time, space, or money for such pets. Pets are so beneficial to ignore.

If you are in this category, don’t worry. There are still many other pets that are suitable for your lifestyle. Low maintenance pets include pets like small birds.

Small birds don’t require much space and a lot of money to be maintained.  Nine best low maintenance pets for apartments include the following;

Hamster, Gerbil Or Mice

Hamster, gerbil, or mice are rodents. They are small. They help owners by giving a response.

They don’t require a lot of work to maintain. These rodents need water, food, and a relatively good sized cage. The cage should have a toy or a wheel.

The cage should be clean and dry. Hamster, gerbil, and mice have a lifespan of two years. This lifespan is appropriate for people with children.

Mainly because it helps children understand the concept of life and death.

Hamster, gerbil, and mice are sociable. Sociability makes them friendly and fun to interact with people. They are also very entertaining.

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons are appropriate for apartments. They don’t need much space. They also don’t have a lot of budgets when it comes to food.

A bearded baby dragon needs a lot to be taken care of compared to an adult.  Baby bearded dragons require regular checkups. They eat three to four times a day.

Bearded dragons are well taken care of, can live up to fourteen to fifteen years. With shallow care, they might live between five to eight years. Bearded dragons eat insects, fruits, and greens.

Adult dragons can feed twice or even once in a day.  You can also catch an insect for them. This pretty much economical.

For their shelter, they require an average sized tank comprised of rubber and glass. The tank should allow at least fifty to sixty percent ultraviolet light, sand, and a basking rock.


There are several types of fish species. Fish species are slightly different from each other. Instead of goldfish, you can as well pick other types of fish.

Goldfish are so appropriate for apartments. They have fantastic color. Goldfish are known for their vibrancy and color.

Goldfish have a variety of colors. Colors may be orange, red, white, black, or golden. You pick the one you prefer.

Goldfish coexist peacefully. Although goldfish are of different types, their maintenance cost is almost similar.

They all require the same care.

Goldfish live up to between twenty-five to thirty years in the wild. But up to around five to ten years in captivity. You require to feed them thrice or four times a day for around 0ne to two minutes in a session.

Goldfish food is readily available in the market.  Goldfish are inexpensive too. For their shelter, they require a simple bowl.


They seem to need more care than another low maintenance cost. But they don’t need care consistently. Some species of rabbits don’t require much attention.

Rabbits are actually appropriate pets for owners who are not always around. They also don’t need much space. Mostly rabbits feed on vegetables.

They are very cute, which makes it hard for you to ignore them.

Sea Monkey

Sea monkey is low maintenance pets. They don’t involve much work. They also don’t need much for survival.

Sea monkey needs a tank, food, and water purifier. They are fascinating and exciting. Sea monkey uses its feet to breathe.

Interestingly, they only have one eye when born. Sea monkeys, later on, develop two other eyes. The first one then shades off. 

Leopard Gecko

Leopard gecko is one of the lizards that needs the lowest maintenance. They need less attention. They only require to be on the correct terrarium.

The terrarium should consist of a cool side, heated side, and a place to sleep. Leopard gecko is appropriate for apartment owners.


Tarantula is a suitable pet for an apartment. As long as you are not afraid of spiders. They don’t need much space.
Tarantula requires a glass cage. Tarantula food includes live insects. You can buy tarantula food from a pet store.

Betta Fish

Betta Fish don’t require much attention. They require a bowl, floating vegetation and water for swimming.

Betta fish are of different types. They are unique and beautiful. Male bettas don’t share the same space with other males; they end up fighting. You should have some knowledge of coral care guide for better pet maintenance.


Snakes have a negative reputation but are low maintenance pets. They don’t need a lot of work to maintain. Snakes don’t eat frequently.

Serpents are suitable for people who are not always around. You can go for a long time without worrying about feeding it.

So What Should You Consider?

It’s clear that there is a wide variety of low maintenance pets for apartments. When picking a pet, you should always consider your lifestyle, habit of the pet, and their dwelling size.

And don’t forget to consider a pet that can be in a small space if you are living in an apartment.

Finding a pet that doesn’t require much attention is also vital.

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