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The Benefits of Simple Business Cards

Over 627,000 new businesses open their doors in America each year. You’re thinking of all the ways you can get the word out about your new venture.

You’re coming up with complicated marketing schemes and strategies but don’t forget the simple business cards benefits. While new strategies are often very effective, if you don’t do some of the basics, you won’t appear to be a professional.

Continue reading this article to learn about the benefits of simple business cards.

Must-Know Simple Business Cards Benefits

Whether you use a business card template or you come up with your own design, a good business card design will set you apart from other business. Not sold yet? The benefits below should do it.

1. Get the Word Out

Using business cards can help you get the word out about your business. Put your business cards up on local cork boards where people can find your product or service.

You can put your business cards in many different locations including other local businesses. You should always make sure to get their go-ahead but other business owners are often glad to help you out.

2. Build Trust

When people see your business card, it immediately ups their level of trust. They can see that you are serious about what you do and more often than not they believe more of what you’re saying.

3. Easy to Provide Contact Information

If you’re in a rush but you want to give your contact information, you can simply hand them your business card. If you don’t have a business card, you have to look for a pen and paper. Many times you aren’t in an area that makes it easy to find a pen and paper so you could have to try to remember their contact details.

4. Affordable

Business cards are affordable and allow you to promote your business without breaking the bank. You can leave them in places around town where your ideal audience hangs out so you can get the attention that your business needs without worrying about how much money they cost.

If you have other marketing materials, you don’t want to leave them somewhere because of their high cost. Business cards can be bought in bulk which will save you even more money.

5. Versatile

When you create a simple business card, you can focus on the information that you want people to have. You might not want to put your phone number on the business card. If that’s the case — you don’t have to!

Add links to your social media and website and let people know what the best way to contact you is. There is no reason you have to have your phone number out there for everyone to see.

6. Long-Lasting

How many times have you opened up a drawer and found someone’s business card? While it isn’t always the case, there are likely times that you find their business at exactly the right time.

For just a few cents, you can provide a source of follow up for as long as someone holds onto your card.

7. They Bring in Customers

Business cards just work. They bring in customers and are a good investment. People give their friends your business cards when they ask about someone that offers your product or service and more.

8. Pique Interest

If you’re at a networking event and you meet someone interesting, you might not want to go on about what you do without being asked. If you give them your business card and they are interested, that is your invitation to say some things about your business.

Make sure you put something interesting on your business card so people do ask you question about what you do. Even an interesting tag line could be all you need to pique someone’s interest.

9. Improves Readability

Have you ever looked at a handwritten note and wondered if that is an L or an I? Handwriting can be difficult to read but if you have a clearly designed business card, it makes it easy for you to hand it over and not worry they aren’t going to understand what is going on.

Choosing Your Business Card Design

When you’re designing your business card, make sure it reflects your brand. You might want to match it to your website that you already have or you may choose to use your business card as a new palette for your design ideas.

You shouldn’t use colors that are too contrasting or you might hurt the onlooker’s eyes. Most business cards use muted colors with dark type so people are able to read them easily.

If you feel comfortable, you should add your headshot. Make sure that you smile and let people know that you’re welcoming and a good person to choose to do business with.

Don’t rush your business card design. You may even wish to do a test and order a small number of a couple of designs and see which ones people seem to resonate with the most when you hand them out.

Boost Your Business With Smart Business Decisions

Now that you understand more about simple business cards and their benefits, don’t stop learning there. Growing your business is more than just the means you use to promote it.

Growing your business means knowing the ins and outs of legalities and how to scale your business. If you haven’t gone through our starting your business section yet, make sure to go there today.