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The Complete Guide to Living on the Road and Working from a Campervan

Digital nomads have it all figured out. They get to travel the world while living on the road. It’s a life of adventure, excitement, and flexibility.

Who wouldn’t want to experience this huge lifestyle change? As travel spurs creativity, evokes happiness, and reduces stress.

Are you ready to call your office the great outdoors and control your own career destiny? 

Check out this guide to follow your dreams of living and working with wanderlust. 

Get a Home on Wheels

The right sized vehicle is the first step toward making money on the road. With the most popular choices being conversion campervans, truck campers, and motorhomes. 

A campervan is a more affordable and flexible choice. That will provide you with  for your home needs. Click here to view some affordable campervan options perfect for living on the road. 

The style of vehicle you choose will give you a better idea of the amount of space you have for living conditions. Campervan conversion kits can provide you with the best layout for limited space. With important features including a bed, cozy sitting area, workstation, and small kitchenette. 

You’ll also want to determine which accessories you can’t live without. Like electricity, heating and cooling, and plumbing. All these can get installed to make your new living arrangements more comfortable and convenient.  

Depending on your travel destinations, you may also want to consider van insulation. Or invest in an air heater unit. You’ll also need to set up a WiFi hotspot for how to make money remotely.  

Simplify Your Lifestyle

Get ready to prepare yourself for big changes with much smaller space. You’ll also need to determine if you plan to sell your existing home. Or break your apartment lease. 

Giving up your old home and selling most of your stuff can help you save a lot of money. Which you can put towards your new lifestyle of how to make money while traveling in an RV. Here are some tips on how to . 

You may want to consider renting a storage unit for the rest of your stuff. Some people tow a small trailer for extra storage space. But this will lower your gas mileage. 

Be sure to bring only what you need. Here are a few essentials: 

  • Clothes
  • Eating and drinking utensils
  • Cookware 
  • Hygiene products
  • Folding chairs 
  • Pillows, blankets, and sheets
  • Hammock
  • Travel gear
  • Books and games 
  • Basic food ingredients
  • Coffee press or electric kettle 

It also helps to figure out your sleeping arrangements before you hit the road. Plan out which parks, campsites, and rest stops are on your route. Wal-Mart parking lots also work well in a pinch.  

Set Your On-The-Road Budget

Setting a budget is crucial for how to make money living on the road. This will help you determine how much you need to make to survive. 

Factor in fuel, food, and other expenses. Like phone bills, auto insurance, and . You can also use an app to find the most affordable gas station locations on your route. 

Figure out your new meal plan and get prepared to make a few diet changes. Stock up on healthy foods that provide sustenance but won’t spoil. You can also stop by farmer’s markets and small mom and pop shops for produce. 

You may also want to throw in a country-wide gym membership. This is so you’ll always have access to a shower. Or you can even make your own solar shower outdoors.  

Snag the Right Job

Already have a 9 to 5 office job? Well, your current boss may not be on board with you making a permanent trek cross-country. Regardless of how much work you plan to continue to produce. 

Making a career move can be scary. So be sure to select the right job to become part of the remote workforce.

Technology makes it easier to stay in touch with companies. Using programs like Slack, Basecamp, and Trello. 

Here are a few careers that work well with living on the road.  

  • Blogger or Content Writer 
  • Copy Editor
  • Novelist 
  • Social Media Manager   
  • Website Designer 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Travel Photographer 

Or you can search for work on the road jobs through sites like Craigslist. Look for short-term jobs that you can complete while making pit stops. Or seasonal jobs like helping around a campsite or park.  

If freelancing, be sure to set up on online portfolio. Sites like UpWork help you promote your work and score jobs.  

Another idea is to  by making your own products. Then sell them from an online shop or roadside. 

Blog About It

You can even make money blogging your own travel adventures. Then work your way up to affiliate advertising and partnerships.

Do this by taking quality images and sharing them to your blog and social media channels. Write daily postings to include exciting content and important keywords. Here are some  for blogging to help gain more traffic and followers.  

Keep Productivity Levels from Plummeting 

Hot springs, mountains, and beaches await on the road ahead. There’s no shortage of idyllic attractions tempting you to explore rather than make a living. So you’ll need to put effort into staying motivated while on the road. 

Find a balance between working and enjoying yourself. Do this by maintaining a routine with set working hours. Most people work best during the morning, with 11 AM being the most productive time.  

It also helps to change up your atmosphere when working. Get a portable desk or lap desk for working outside in nature. Here are more tips on  with your time.  

Living on the Road…But Got Mail?

Living on the road evokes a simpler lifestyle. One that will increase self-awareness and enlightenment. While also allowing you to make some serious money. 

So are you ready to make a living while traveling the world? Well, here’s one last tip.

You’re still going to need a place to send your snail mail. Lucky for you, things like online mail forwarding services exist. Check out this guide for more tips on getting your . 

The open road is calling!