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The Incredible Importance of Good Website Design for Your Business

When you look at your company website, what do you see? Better yet, do you know what your customers see?

According to research conducted by Stanford, 75 percent of users judge a company’s credibility based on their website’s visual design alone. 

That means you’re images, typography, layout, navigation, and brand consistency need to be on point. Otherwise, you’re scaring off potential buyers before they even scroll down the page. 

Here are five ways good website design can impact your business. That way, you can design a website that wow’s customers—instead of one that earns a “yikes!”

1. Brand Impression

In life, we only get a few seconds to make a lasting first impression.

Whether that impression is positive or not depends on the brand. 

Using good website design, you can show visitors your brand from the moment the page loads. That brand can show visitors you’re informative, experienced, or even humorous.

As they explore page to page, your brand should remain consistent throughout your website design.

That way, visitors don’t think they’re on a completely different website.

Good website design can also build brand trust and credibility. This builds brand loyalty, which encourages visitors to return again.

2. SEO Strategy

Strong web page design also benefits your search engine optimization strategy.

Google prioritizes websites that reflect people’s searches. It also chooses websites that load quickly and are easy to navigate.

With strong website design, you can boost your SEO ranking. This can help you attract more visitors, too!

3. PPC Strategy

According to Forbes, Google captures nearly 80 percent of all retail search ad spend. If your customers are shopping online, PPC is where you need to be.

For an effective pay-per-click campaign, your landing pages need strong web page design.

That way, you can generate leads from these ads, which improves your ROI. 

4. UX Improves Conversions

Good website design puts user experience at the forefront. That way, it’s easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. If exploring is complicated, people will leave without converting into a lead. 

Meanwhile, good website design considers what visitors need. Whether it’s eye-catching headlines, bigger buttons, or easy-to-use forms, your visitors come first.  

An experienced agency can help improve your website design. That way, you’re optimized for conversions and generating new leads!

5. Keep Up With Competitors

Chances are your competitors already have an updated website.

With modern website design, you can show visitors you’re up-to-date with the latest trends. This can help improve your company’s credibility, too.

That way, you’re keeping up with competitors (and in some cases, zooming past the websites that are out of date).

For the Win: 5 Ways Good Website Design Sets You Up For Success

See what we mean? Now that you know these five reasons good website design is essential for your website, you need to get moving! Start updating your website design and development today.

That way, you can improve your website’s overall user experience and start bringing in those sales!

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