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The Ins and Outs of Tracking Certified Mail (And Why It’s Important)

With nearly 150 billion pieces of mail delivered each year, it’s understandable that many people consider using certified mail. Certified mail offers an additional level of assurance when sending your essential letters and documents. 

In this article, we will explain when you should use this service and the methods available for tracking certified mail. 

What Is Certified Mail?

With Certified Mail, the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides proof your mail was delivered to the intended recipient. This is done by requesting a signature from the recipient when the mail is delivered. The signed receipt is returned to the sender for their records. 

How does certified mail work if the letter can’t be delivered? If for some reason, the mail cannot be delivered to the recipient, the item is given back to the sender. USPS also includes a history and proof of its delivery attempts.  

Tracking Certified Mail

The ability to track certified mail begins with using the right mailing label. In the past, this would require a visit to your local post office to complete some forms and affix a certified mail label to your letter. 

Today, if you want to know how to track certified mail, you can use online services that allow you to print certified mail labels from your home or office. This is very convenient and time-saving. These services also give you better and more detailed tracking information than the standard USPS website.

When to Use Certified Mail

If you are sending legal papers, such as tax returns or bills of sale, certified mail is a smart option, so you have proof the recipient received the documents. Some municipalities require the use of certified mail when attempting to resolve legal disputes over property. Use certified mail when you need to know the mail was delivered to the right person and time and date it was received.

How Long Does Certified Mail Take?

Because certified mail is delivered in an effort to obtain a signature, multiple deliveries are attempted. Certified mail usually takes five business days to complete, but more time may be required. 

A Valuable Service With a Lot of Value

Certified mail provides businesses and individuals with peace of mind their mail is delivered. With notifications, proof of delivery, and a detailed history of the process, it is a must for delivering sensitive documents or notices. 

Tracking certified mail is easy with the tools provided by the USPS, but many online providers offer more detailed and convenient tracking options. If you need certified mail tracking, consider using a service that allows you to print your labels from home or office to save time. 

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